Why Contemporary Fiction Is Beneficial To Our Lives

May 27, 2020

Books in the contemporary fiction genre are created with stories that could happen to real people in real settings. The contemporary genre also hones in on informal and conversational dialogue, and sometimes even regional dialects which will set a tone for the book as well giving the reader a deeper insight to certain characters or scenarios. Reading in general is a great tool for the mind. Over the years, science has shown that reading has some amazing health benefits. Some of these include helping with depression, alleviating stress, and reducing the chances of developing Alzheimer's. 

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The importance of adding it into your life

Empathy. Reading helps us to empathise in many different ways. Fiction has a power to allow you to fully insert yourself into another person’s mind and see how they think and feel as well as follow their story, whether that’s good, bad or ugly. You can also pick up some factual information along the way. Watching a character interact with the world around them is powerful and you will be able to get insights into history as well as a series of facts and anecdotes. You can emotionally connect and interact with scenarios as well as problem solve. You can learn to understand the period and the setting of the book as you never could in any other way. Comtemporary literature focuses on this a little more. Author Dahlia Karlin has written numerous contemporary novels. The stories are explained and written to allow you to feel the lives of the characters in a raw way, often with dialogue that is easy to digest. This makes it a winner for a good read that will keep you engaged and entertained. 

When we watch the characters on the page evolve, it helps us understand individual human evolution and that can translate into our own lives, helping us to see the bigger picture as well as help us appreciate the way in which we live life and others that may be in similar situations to us. It can help us feel a little less alone and give us stories from other perspectives that we may never have found in real life. You can see an overall of a scenario, whether that is something as heavy as murder or loss of life or whether it’s something a little more seductive such as romance or a fobirdden robamce. Nearly all of us can relate on some level of the themes that run throughout contemporary fiction because it is set in an era we can fully relate to. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly deep but may even be relating to your body image or your teenage issues with parents, or even high school problems. So, once you start adding more literature into your life, you will be sure to see some changes in the way you think and the way in which you see things as well as collecting important information along the way also. Pick up your next book today! 

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