Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

June 17, 2020

We had about 19 oranges laying around that my kids would not eat. I don't know if it's because they don't like peeling them or because they simply prefer the smaller version like the cuties, but they would not touch these!

Because our family tries really hard not to waste food I decided to try fresh squeezed orange juice for the very first time. 

The first step was to wash them in the sink. When I started digging them out of the fridge I was amazed at how many we actually had! 

Then we sliced each orange in half and started juicing them right into the jar. My kids had so much fun the started fighting over who got to squeeze them. They each took turns.

I looked on Pinterest for various recipes but we opted for just the juice with no additives. It was surprisingly smooth and tasty! I expected it to be somewhat sour or tart but it was very refreshing!

Of the 19 oranges we squeezed about half our container full of juice. Not to shabby.

It only last an hour at our house. But it was worth it! Have you ever tried doing this?

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  1. I love the taste and smell of a freshly squeezed cold orange juice especially with breakfast during the summer months.


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