Solar Oven Cookies

June 08, 2020

Last week we tried a new project! After my son asked to learn about the solar system we logged on to the internet and started our search. We found many fun facts, science projects, and lots of Hands-On activities!

After narrowing our activity list down, we finally decided on building a solar oven. I had all of the materials and a roll of refrigerated cookies. Win, win!

The materials were extremely simple!
Pizza box
Plastic wrap 
Bendy straw

The project was so easy to make my nine-year-old built the entire thing by himself! Just cut a hole out of the middle of the pizza box, lay down foil on the bottom, wrap the square you cut out in foil, tape down plastic wrap over the hole, and create a kickstand with the straw. That's it!

With the temperatures being in the 90s we knew it was a good day to try and bake some cooking. After 15 minutes in the sun are cookies just started to melt, but just barely.

My son is being very impatient and wanting them to be done now so he can eat them. So we decided to plant my new strawberries to keep him distracted. It probably was not a good idea to do that during the heat of the day but I had to keep him busy! Ha!

I know I did not make my strawberry patch big enough but it was so hot outside that I was pretty whooped. I will just have to expand as needed.

We checked on the cookies after 30 minutes and they were just more melted. I'm not exactly sure how long they need to be out there to cook so we just plan to check them every 15 minutes.

Around the 2 hour mark we decided to give them a try...impatience won this round!

They were hard to the touch on top but still undercooked in the middle. My sons face tells it all. He said, "ehh".

It was so much fun doing this project with the kids that we have decided to plan more projects and activities to share!

What are you doing to keep busy this summer?

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