5 Easy Ways to Be More Sustainable in 2020

July 09, 2020

The year is halfway over but there is still time to implement these 5 easy ways to be more sustainable in 2020. These simple steps that can make a huge impact on the environment and your wallet with little to no effort. 

When our family first decided that we were going to live more eco-friendly we knew that making huge changes right away would probably hinder our progress rather than benefit our family. So we decided that taking baby steps and picking a few things to start with would be best.

5 Easy Ways to Be More Sustainable in 2020

Grow your own food
Growing your own food is one of the biggest ways to become more sustainable in 2020. Beginners to the world of food-growing can start with garden herbs or small container gardening. If you are not ready to commit to growing your own you can buy organic!

Proper recycling habits
These simple reminders of how to properly recycle can make a significant difference in how you can become more sustainable and intentional about eco-friendly living.
-Plastic can usually be recycled in the mixed recyclables section if they are numbered 1 through 7 on the packaging.
-Cardboard and white paper can be recycled in the paper section
-Caps, paper with wax, plastic bags, plastic film, and Styrofoam should not be placed in recycling bins.
-Food must be washed off items before being recycled.

Shop at thrift stores
My personal favorite. Shopping at thrift store is cool! Rather than contribute to waste production by shopping new, go to your local thrift store for clothing, furniture, decor and housewares. This is an excellent way of reusing items in your own community and switching to a more sustainable lifestyle. Not only is shopping thrift store economical it's an adventure waiting to happen! 

Switch from paper towels to cloth napkins
One of the easiest ways to be more sustainable in 2020 is to replace paper towels with recycled cloths and you can find these all the time at thrift store! Win, win! 
Cloth napkins can easily be washed and sanitized for years without needing to be replaced. 

Use reusable water bottles
Instead of buying the plastic water bottles that you toss in the trash switching to reusable water bottles. There are many styles and brands to choose from that are eco-friendly and like most sustainable options, it will save money.

By making these 5 easy changes you can totally be more sustainable in 2020!

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