5 Unique Self-Care Ideas To Try In 2020

July 28, 2020

The pandemic is causing all kinds of stress in our home, especially since my son was recently diagnosed with ADHD+DMDD. Making in house doctors appointments is becoming a reality of the past. My stress is getting a bit out of hand so I had to come up with some ways to relieve my stress.


Unique Self-Care Ideas for 2020

1. Ballet Barre Classes

Getting tired of the same old exercise regime? Looking to try something brand new? If you haven’t tried a Ballet Barre Class yet, pop this on your 2020 self-care list!

So what exactly is Ballet Barre? It’s an exercise class that fuses yoga, ballet, pilates and strength training. A typical class involves standing against a ballet bar and performing various stretches and postures. You’ll build strength, tone up, and learn something new.

For a Ballet Barre class, you’ll definitely want the right pair of leggings. Curves N Combatboots have some gorgeous items which are non-see-through, squat proof and sweat-wicking. Check out curvesncombatboots.com for more info.

2. Fresh Water Swimming

Next time you fancy a dip don’t head to your local pool, but instead, find a lake and experience the great outdoors. Swimming in the natural world helps us to de-stress, boost endorphins, tone up, and reconnect with nature. When the summer season is over, that doesn’t mean you’ve got to stop swimming outdoors! Swimming in cold conditions has plenty of health benefits, including improving your immune system and easing the symptoms of depression.

3. Virtual Book Club

Learning new things helps us to nourish our minds, expand our creative side and see the world differently. Reading the right books can help you to learn plenty and even make some new friends. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many clubs are offering virtual book club sessions. To find a book club in your area, try looking on social platforms such as Meet Up.

4. Baking Challenge 2020

Brushing up on your cooking skills is one of the most wholesome and creative hobbies out there. This year why not set yourself a baking challenge? Plan to bake at least one new recipe every month. There are lots of websites that can help to inspire you if you lack ideas. For instance, take a look at Sally’s Baking Addiction.

5. Write A Poem 

Poetry is a fantastic way to express your emotions and release negativity. You don’t have to show anyone your work; it’s just for you to use as an expressive outlet. Poetry is particularly helpful when you’re feeling stressed, angry or blue. It can even help you to make a joke out of a situation (which didn’t seem so funny at first)! Don’t overthink it, buy yourself a journal, pick a topic, write a sentence or two. Don’t worry about rhyming or perfection, just write from an honest place.

Self-care means different things to everyone, so don’t panic if these ideas don’t take your fancy. It sometimes takes a while to find activities that resonate with you. For further resources, check out the ‘Self-Care Sunday’ podcast, here you’ll find plenty of self-care tips and tricks.

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