5 Useful Tips to Relieve Back Pain

July 30, 2020

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

It’s so important to look after our physical health – especially when the world feels as though it’s turned upside down. And a great way of doing this is by practicing self-care. This can take many forms, from spending time with loved ones to indulging in your favorite movie. 

If you’re experiencing back pain, whether it’s chronic or not, it’s so important that you prioritize self-care. You want to live your life to the full, and with this constant pain, it’s likely that you’ll start to feel down. 

To help prevent negative feelings and ensure that you’re keeping your back pain in check, here are 5 useful tips you can use:

  1. Get Exercising 

Although the last thing you might want to do with back pain is exercise, it can actually benefit it in the long term. How? Because research has found that it allows fluid within your back to flow, which helps to reduce any swelling and rubbing of the discs. 

Of course, there are certain exercises that are more beneficial than others – e.g knee to chest and pelvic tilt stretches. Before trying any exercises, however, it’s a good idea to conduct thorough research and seek medical advice from a professional.

  1. Book in Regular Doctors' Appointments

Following on from the above, when you have back pain it’s so vital that you book in regular appointments with your doctor. Something that you should be doing no matter what your age, it will ensure that your back health is kept on track. 

As well as recommending any exercises you can try, they will be able to point you in the right direction in terms of treatment options. For example, some may suggest using organic pain relief cream or visiting a chiropractor.

  1. Try to Improve Your Posture

So many of us have poor posture – whether it’s natural or because we’re sitting at a desk working all day. However, while good posture isn’t so important when we’re younger, as we start to get older it can contribute to back pain. Therefore, it’s a good idea to discover ways in which to improve this. 

  1. Prioritize Sleep 

Prioritising sleep is one of the best things you can do. As without a good nights’ sleep, your mental and physical health will start to suffer. When you have back pain, enough sleep each night will help your back to relax and heal. Just make sure that you have a high-quality mattress that allows for correct spinal alignment. 

  1. Lighten the Load

You might feel as though you can carry heavy amounts of weight every day – whether it’s the groceries, your handbag or other items. But by doing this, you’re only hurting your back in the long run. This could be one of the causes of your back pain as you’re stretching your muscles.

So next time you head out of the house, try and leave any heavy items behind. And if you need to pick any up, try to lift them into your car over several trips. 

There you go! Those are just 5 useful tips you can use to help with your back pain. Of course, they aren’t miracle cures. But hopefully, they will guide you in the right direction so that you can lead a happier and healthy life!

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