Self-care Tips When You are Stressed

July 06, 2020

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Self-care and self-love are two terms that are on the tips of everyone's tongues these days, especially women. As we continue on our journey through hard work, establishing careers, raising kids, and everything in between, we are faced with various amounts of stress that come along with us for the ride. In turn, this can lead to unproductive time spent, serious health conditions, and disruptive conflicts with loved ones. So, what is a woman to do? Well, there are tactics that can be incorporated into daily routines to reduce, relieve and prevent stress from taking over both mind and body. 

Of course, overall rest is one of the best destressors. However, when you can’t easily squeeze in a good nap during the day, what are some other self-care tips to consider? Here is a quick summary of 10 tips to try the next time you’re feeling stressed, or as a preventative measure to ward off any incoming stressors. 

Self-care Tips When You are Stressed

1. Breath Deeply - In the morning, before you begin your day, spend a few minutes taking 

a few deep breaths. It is known that deep-breathing exercises decrease stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. And believe me, there is nothing like taking time to enjoy silence and calm at the start of your day, especially during these challenging times. 

2. Pray or Meditate - When you can, spend a few more minutes in the morning (during or 

after your deep breathing) to spend some time in meditation or prayer. Sit up straight, close your eyes and linger in positive thoughts. This cannot only reduce stress, but can help to focus your mind, resulting in better outcomes throughout your day. 

3. Exercise - Getting your body moving on a routine basis works wonders for your muscles 

and your psyche. Although I am not one who practices this as often as I should, I have experienced the rewards when I do, even when the exercises are subtle. For example, long-held stretches and yoga positioning can be considered exercise, and they can also increase the blood flow. These movements can provide a necessary respite from the normal physical posturing brought on by long, busy days. 

4. Keep a Journal - There is a reason why there is such a thing called a ‘diary’ and why 

there are so many variations of this book out there. It is a well used tracking mechanism, as well as an outlet for your experiences and emotions. Take a few minutes to jot down your moods and feelings. Later, perhaps at the end of the week, you can go back over your entries and address any noted issues with a clear head and relaxed mind. 

5. Aromatherapy - Who doesn’t like sweet scents? The best thing about this tactic, is you can choose from various methods of ‘sweet smells’, i.e. candles, diffusers, oils, incense, etc. And, you can vary the scents based on your mood. I prefer deep, rosy, sandalwood type scents when I am feeling drained or fatigued. And, I tend to choose lavendars and citrus scents when I am feeling tired or achy. So, depending on your mood... Pick your pleasure and inhale! 

6. Invest time in a calming activity or hobby - Unwind with a ‘quiet-time’ like activity. 

Some examples of this can be going for a short walk (perhaps with a pet), curling up with a good book, crocheting, painting, or using coloring books. Whichever activity you choose, try to incorporate it into your day routinely... and be sure to put phones and other electronic devices away! 

7. Take a warm bath or shower - Never underestimate the power of warm water. This 

sensation alone has the capability to relieve sore muscles and release tension from the body. When you are able to fully experience this ‘bath time’ (especially coupled with some sweet scents), it can lift stress and anxiety from both the body and spirit. 

8. Listen to your favorite music or podcast - Whatever the genre, try to listen when you 

need to temporarily distract your thoughts and exist in another place for a time. Personally, I choose to listen to audiobooks when I'm not in the mood for music. It serves the same as if I were reading a good book, but I am able to sit or lie down with my eyes closed to do it. 

9. Get a good night’s sleep - This one is pretty self-explanatory. Now, I know that it is 

often easier said than done. However, as I’ve aged over the years, I have come to appreciate just how taxing it is on the body to go throughout the day without the proper rest. Rejuvenating yourself with sleep is crucial in not only relieving stress, but preparing your body and mind for the day that lies ahead. And all of this helps you to better handle any obstacles or challenges that may come your way. 

10. Laugh whenever you get the opportunity! - I am an avid supporter of laughter, as I 

feel it is therapeutic for the soul. Laugh soft, laugh loud, laugh hard! It is one of the best diffusers of a stressful moment or a negative thought. The next time someone sends you a funny joke or meme, hold it in your memory bank and bring it back to the surface later when you need it. And wait for it... your mood will automatically lift! 

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Author: Kamara Barnes (aka Chintz) is the creator & author of Tiaras and Lipstick, an online resource and advice column for women, promoting motivational support and personal development. If you enjoyed this post, you can check out more of her material at For additional visuals and quotes, be sure to follow her on Instagram @tiaras_and_lipstick

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  1. I have started to do yoga stretches for my back pain and I have noticed what a great effect is has on my stress levels. Exercising is a great way to calm done.

  2. Ooohhh boy this is so timely. I think everyone needs to read this coz we're all stressed and needing self care.

  3. love this post, I love getting outside and enjoying nature when i feel stressed!

  4. I need this right now. I'm really struggling to manage my stress at work and it's turning me into an angry person.

  5. My life is extremely stressful right now, but I am not feeling too out of sorts. I am doing all of the above with the exception of keeping a journal and getting enough sleep. Sleep has eluded me for years, lol.

  6. Being stressed is a bad habit so these tips are really helpful! I'm glad you shared these with us, thank you!

  7. Thank you a lot a lot of time I get stressed at work and when I go home I feel two crazy kids waiting for me so that they can start yelling.I appreciate these points

  8. Thank you a lot a lot of time I get stressed at work and when I go home I feel two crazy kids waiting for me so that they can start yelling.I appreciate these points

  9. I loved reading this blog post which was super insightful. I am always so stressed out and really to have found these tips. Thank you so much

  10. what I’ve learned through the years is that by practicing self-care, we give ourselves a chance to step away and breathe, thus avoiding burnout.


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