Take Back Your Life 40 Day Devotional

August 31, 2020

 It's amazing how fast my life can seem to spiral out of control. I truly struggle to stay on top of my game- having 4 kids can be rough. I know there are plenty of moms who have their ship sailing in the right direction with more than 4 kids, a full time job, a husband, ministries, and probably a fur baby or two mixed in...I am not one of those!

I need to get my life back! And fast!

When I was asked to review the Take Back Your Life Devotional written by Levi LuskoI was beyond excited. I knew this was truly going to speak some hard truths into my life that I need to hear, and feel! And I was not disappointed in the least. Each day so far has really spoken profoundly to me and has me reflecting about making some big changes in my life. 

I know I recently shared that one of my sons was diagnosed with ADHD and DMDD- and let me just say that this devotional has been great at helping me to see things from God's perspective!

My thoughts on the devotional:

I really enjoy the thick paper because I take notes in ALL my books. I am an avid journaler and love that I can use a variety of pens, highlighters, and material without bleed through. I have yet to try marker or paints, but the paper seems sturdy enough to handle it. 

I love the design. It's pretty simple with cute little pops of modern flair. The author uses lots of hand drawn arrows, flowers, lightning bolts and a few other designs...and as an artist myself I really love that!

The stories that are used to bring home the point of each days devotion are really deep and thought provoking. I have read many devotionals that just don't seem to hit the mark like I was hoping. This devotional has no problem digging deep and drawing out what needs to be drawn out. 

Each day starts with a scripture and ends with prayer and prompts that you are to answer and reflect on. I like that because it keeps you thinking about what you just read. It's not a read it and move on kind of devotional. 

At the back of the book there is a section that has scriptures to memorize. I don't know that I have seen that element in a devotional recently and that to me is a big BONUS! Some of the passages are a bit long to remember but are great for journal scripture writing and helping to really get the Word of God deep inside you.

What I don't really like:

The book is a bit bulky. There are 300 pages in this devotional making it a bit larger than I personally prefer but not a deal breaker. I prefer smaller, possibly tag along books. 

I wish this had a blank page at the end of each day to actually write my answers, doodle, or journal in; but again- not a deal breaker. 

Overall I am really loving this devotional and would recommend this to anyone looking to get their ship in order (see what I did there ;-)


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