The Simplest Ways to Get Kids Away From Screens

August 14, 2020


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Video games, consoles, tablets, and smartphones are all incredibly alluring to our little darlings. Given the choice, your cherub is more likely to want to play on their Xbox rather than head outside in the heat of summer sun to play. However much you try, it can seem like mission impossible to tear your kids away from their screens. Try not to worry - it can be done! Read on to find out how.

Quality Family Time

It doesn’t matter how achingly cool a child thinks they are, they will give up pretty much anything to get attention from their parents. Quality family time has become a little lost in recent years as people have become more immersed in the online world. However, by planning some activities that you can do together as a family, you can engage your children enough so that they no longer hanker after their tablet. 

If you have a child who adores soccer, consider making some time every weekend to head to the local park. Come rain or shine, you can take the bikes, pack up a picnic, and venture to some green space. Being in the outdoors is healthy for your whole brood. Morale is boosted, your children get some exercise, and you can immerse yourself in the calming nature surroundings. When your kids are sweaty and have finished their kickabout, you need to think about how to get the musty smell out of clothes that have grass stains and all sorts of muck in the fabric. Vinegar and baking soda can work like a charm.

Use Screen Time As A Reward

If you combat screen addiction as a family, you have a greater chance of getting your kids on board. Get the whole family to sign a contract that you can whip up onto the fridge. By having just an hour of screen time every day, you can all embark on a detox of sorts. If your little ones are super keen to get online and chat with their pals, use this as a reward for great behavior or doing well at school and getting the grades. Also, think about the sort of screen time they enjoy. Consider getting a LED wall in Boise. Most parents would be happier with their child on a messenger to pals rather than playing a gory first-person shooter game online with some stranger halfway across the globe.


If you are keen to get outside and utilize your garden more, think about getting your kids into gardening. The easiest way to do this is by growing some vegetables. If you start off with potatoes, these easy-to-grow tubers flourish in some well-drained compost. As your kids plant the seed potatoes and watch them grow, they’ll be keen to head outdoors every day and nurture them. You can also sow seeds in propagators and build a greenhouse for tomatoes and cucumbers. Hire Riverside Tree Service if you need trees removed or trimmed before building your greenhouse. Ask your darlings what they want to grow and set up a competition for who can grow the biggest marrow or pumpkin!

Kids are more attracted to screens than ever before, but this is what society dictates to them. Follow this guide and you can turn this around and give them something else to engage them.

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