4 Rainy Day Activities For Kids

October 23, 2020


4 Rainy Day Activities For Kids


Although many people find it’s a lot of fun to go outside in the rain, that novelty can wear off pretty quickly when you’ve got kids. In fact, it might not be something you want to consider at all when you think of the muddy boots, wet clothing, cold feet, and potential for illness that can result from a splashing time outside.


So when the weather is bad, and you have kids to entertain, what can you do? Luckily, there are many different ideas to try out, all of which will allow you to create some fabulous new memories. Below are just some of the ideas, but there are plenty more. You might even wish it would rain a little more so you can get more of them done! 


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A Home Cinema 

It’s true that a lot of the time we don’t want our kids to be staring at screens all day, but if you can join them and turn it into a fun family event, then it could be a positive rather than a negative. There isn’t much better than listening to the rain tapping on the windows when you’re all snuggled up under a blanket together. It makes whatever you’re watching so much more enjoyable. 


If you add to this some cinema snacks like popcorn and maybe some hot cocoa too, you can create a cozy ambiance that will keep everyone entertained for at least a couple of hours. Make it a double bill, and you can enjoy even more time together. 


Write Some Stories 

Kids have the most amazing imaginations, so they’re prime for writing some excellent rainy day stories. Give each child a topic or some random words that they have to incorporate into their story, and let them enjoy some make-believe. 


What’s great about this idea is that you don’t need much in the way of equipment; just some paper and pencils, or a computer or tablet if they prefer typing. You can then sit back and relax, read a book, do some housework, or carry on working from home, knowing your children are thoroughly entertained and engrossed in what they are doing for some time to come. 


Cook Together 

Since you are going to need to make a meal anyway, and since the kids can’t go outside to play, you may as well combine these two facts and have them help you prepare the food. Not only will this keep them occupied and allow you to get on with what you need to do, but it will teach them some life skills as well. 


If you want to make things a little different and perhaps a little more special, have the little ones help you bake a cake or make something sweet to eat. Baking is often more attractive to children than cooking, and it will still give them useful skills. 


Make A Blanket Fort 

If your child is afraid of storms, a blanket fort is a great way to help them feel safe. In fact, no matter what their anxieties might be, giving them a safe space in their home is a good idea – they’ll know they can always crawl in and decompress. 


Your blanket fort can be ideal for combining with other activities too, including watching a movie or writing a story. Or the children might use it as a place to do some coloring, read a book, or play with their toys. 

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