Here Are Some Great Winter Foods For Your Family

November 10, 2020

 Winter isn’t just on the way, it’s here and that means you should consider changing up your meal plan for the season. By switching up the meal plan, you can guarantee that your whole family has delicious foods to eat that provide the sustenance they need for the winter season. You can also select foods that are guaranteed to keep them warm and toasty through cold winter nights. 

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Sensational Soups

First, you might want to think about adding some soups to the meal plan. A big benefit of soup is that it’s a great way to ensure that you don’t have any leftovers. So, it’s a sustainable efficient choice. If you look at homemade soup at, you’ll see that there are lots of options in terms of flavors too. As such, you’re all but guaranteed to find a great option for your whole family to enjoy. Once you’ve prepared it, soup can stay on the hob and last for days. It can even be a warming snack to give the kids when they get in from school and you can even freeze it for months. 

Perfect Porridge

It’s certainly important that your kids have the right meal to start the day and for that, you might want to consider porridge. Since it’s made of oats, porridge is incredibly filling and it does pack in a lot of the protein you need to keep energized through the day. Issues with low energy can be quite common throughout the winter months. If you’re known to experience the winter blues, then you should definitely explore this option yourself. 

Simple Stew

Similar to soup, you could make a delicious stew. Just like soup, this can last for days and it’s fairly easy to make as well. It will certainly warm your insides and it doesn’t even take that long to prepare. You can mix it all together the previous night before cooking it for your next evening meal. It’s entirely your choice what you put in the stew. You can keep it all vegetables or select your choice of meat. It’s fantastic if you want to use some of the meat that you might have stored in your freezer. 


Do you fancy a pasta dish this winter? If that’s the case, then we recommend you consider making a lasagne. It’s a great choice if you have a hungry family that tends to eat large portions of the meals that you prepare. There are some great recipes online for lasagne that you can try yourself if you’ve never cooked one before. You can find an example of this on a site such as

Don’t forget to buy some garlic bread to go with it or you can explore preparing your own.  

We hope you love these ideas for your own winter meal plan and look forward to exploring these possibilities with your family. If you make the right choices here, you can ensure that the kids have a warm meal to start off the day and food filled with sustenance to finish it. 

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