7 Self-Care Tips for Businesswomen

February 16, 2021

 7 Self-Care Tips for Businesswomen

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Being a businesswomen means having to deal with a lot of to-do lists. There are errands to be done, meetings to be attended and probably a zillion other things that require your attention. Before you know it, you start feeling overwhelmed and things spiral out of control. 

As a businesswoman, prioritizing self-care is crucial.  


First, your organization depends on you.

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If you’ve got poor self-care habits and you’re beginning to burn out, chances are people around you are too.

Second, this will make you vulnerable to a number of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. These will make it harder for you to accomplish your goals as a businesswoman.

Which is why you need to step back and reflect on your self-care habits. Are you giving as much time to yourself as you do to others? 

Understand the importance of loving and caring for your mind and body. Give yourself a break in order to gain long-term success.

As a businesswoman, you need to formulate healthy habits that will help you maintain and achieve success. 

Here are 7 self-care tips for businesswomen that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine without making you feel like you’re adding too much to your plate.

#1. Start Exercising

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The first step to truly start taking care of yourself is by exercising.

Sure, your schedule is hectic and you hardly have the energy to exercise. But you need to start somewhere.

Your body is your biggest asset so invest a few minutes every day to maintain good health.

I’m not talking about a size 4 here; in fact, I’m talking about being healthy and strong.

You don’t have to be a gym junkie. 

Instead, you can start by taking out a few minutes to walk. 

You can even add incidental exercises such as doing squats and lunges as you do your laundry.

If that’s not your thing, try different exercises such as Yoga, Zumba or Pilates. 

Make a commitment and stick to it. 

I can assure you, your body will love you for it!

How do I know this?

As a Chief Content Officer, I handled 16 blogs. I had a team of 50 people working under me that constantly needed my guidance. 

I soon began to work late into the night and the lines between my personal and professional life began to blur.

I was sleep-deprived, often forgot to eat and more exhausted by the end of each day.

It was my friend who helped me realize I was burnt out. 

That was when I decided it was time to make some changes to my lifestyle.

I started skipping 5 days a week without fail. My entire body ached but I refused to give in. Two weeks later, I could feel the difference in my energy levels.

My stamina had increased, I was more motivated and felt less tired even though I was exercising.

#2. Take Out Time For Yourself

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The best way to recalibrate and recharge is to spend time doing nothing. 

Or doing something for yourself

You need to understand the concept of ‘alone time’ and why it’s so important in today’s day and age.

The busier you are, the lesser time you have for yourself.

Being alone with yourself allows you to reflect on who you are, where you are and what you want to be. 

Create alone time to find its value. Combine it with self-care or exercise to see the difference it makes to your life.

Your self-care routine can be healthy to curate ahead of time. Having a set standard of steps you complete each morning can help you feel totally ready for the day. Skincare could be an essential part of this, for example. Using an automatic flosser can also help you care for your teeth. The trick is to care for yourself so well and so regularly in the morning and evening helps you greet and leave each day in the healthiest manner possible.

Another excellent way to collect your thoughts is by doing meditation. 

Start by tuning into apps such as Headspace to give you the motivation and guidance that you initially require.

If not, you can also start journaling and practice gratitude in your daily life.

#3. Eat Nutritious Foods

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I can’t emphasize how important it is to eat healthily.

Your body is what you eat and therefore, I always tell people to eat healthily.

Making conscious food choices and mindful eating will pay off in the longer run.

While you love your Macchiato Latte from Starbucks every morning, did you know that it could actually be responsible for your increasing stress levels?

Higher intake of caffeine in your body leads to increased levels of cortisol resulting in mood swings, anxiety and even restlessness. 

Every time you have the urge to drink coffee or canned beverages, opt for cold-pressed or freshly squeezed juices instead.

Keep a small jar of nuts on your office desk to satisfy your hunger pangs during the day.

Stay hydrated and eat a balanced diet. 

Get rid of all the processed or junk foods from your house and replace them with things like cereal, fruits and healthy snacks.

Eating 100% healthy food at all times would be unrealistic. 

Of course, having a pizza and watching a movie once in a while is a great way to take care of yourself too.

Own it, enjoy it and don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel bad or regret it.

Tell yourself how awesome it was and then kick back off with your healthy eating.

#4. Appointments vs. Meetings

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Would you miss an important meeting with your client or a potential client? 

You’d somehow schedule it and make sure you’re there no matter what.

Then, why treat self-care any differently? 

Why not give yourself the same level of importance that you show others?

Your self-care appointments are just as important as your meetings.

Take out enough time for yourself every week. The best way to do that is by mentioning the same in your schedule so that you don’t miss it.

Write it down either digitally or using a pen or paper to get through with your plans.

#5. Learn to Say ‘No’

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How often do you say ‘no?’

You wanted to but you felt so guilty that you didn’t. 

You generally feel obligated to say ‘yes’ so you continue saying ‘yes’ more often than you say ‘no.’

You should feel comfortable turning down requests or tasks that you don’ want to do. 

Saying ‘no’ means saying ‘yes’ to yourself. Put yourself first rather than putting other people’s priorities first.

#6. Reward Yourself

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Giving yourself small rewards will make you feel like a million dollars (without having to spend a million dollars!)

Bring in little luxuries in life and appreciate them.

Eliminate things that make you feel ashamed, poor or cheap. 

It can be anything — even regular shampoo and conditioner from the supermarket.

Upgrade to purchasing it from the salon. Yes, it’ll cost a little more but it’ll make your hair spectacular and make you feel confident.

Keep a track of your spending but don’t hesitate to splurge every now and then.

The way these small upgrades will make you feel is what truly matters. 

You don’t have to buy a new car but what you can do is get your car cleaned every week so that it looks new.

These little things will make a big difference. 

#7. Bid Goodbye to Negative People

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There are people who support you and then there are people who drag you down.

Take a closer look at the people around you. Do they love and support you or do they always criticize you?

The best way to analyze this is by making a list of all the good and bad qualities of each person. 

This way, you will have a clear picture of what kind of people you regularly associate with.

Learn to identify red flags and let go of all the toxic people. 

It’s not going to be easy especially if you have a narcissist in your life but this is why it’s even more important to do it.

Once you let go of the negativity, you’ll notice a lot of emotional and mental space. 

It’s guaranteed to make you feel better and happier.

The Takeaway

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It may seem like I’m asking you to add a lot to your already full plate, but it’s not.

Remember that these self-care tips can be incorporated one at a time. 

Proceed onto the next one only when the previous one has been successfully added into your daily routine.

Start with any one that you like and see how it makes a difference before adding more.

As you inculcate more habits, you’ll end up with less time for stress and more time for self-care!

What do you think of self-care and which self-care tip will you start with this week? Tell us in the comments section below!

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