Cubekins- A New Family Friendly Show

February 20, 2021


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Do you struggle to get your toddlers or young children to watch something that is actually good for them? I know that I do! My three year old knows what she likes and what she doesn't like. And I'm sure many of you can totally relate! 

Well I would like to introduce you to a brand new family friendly Christian "Faith-based" show for kids! This wholesome show is made for children ages 3-8 and was created by two homeschooling dads for their children! And let me tell you my three year old LOVED it! 

Watch the trailer here.

Cubekins is similar to Veggie Tales set in Mayberry except the characters are cubes. I liked that a cube theme ran through the episode- it was so stinking cute! In this first episode Kip, who is seven, is helping his dad plant cucumbers in the backyard. To make the job faster Kip decides that finding a short cut would be better than following the instructions his dad left for him. He soon learns that disobedience has consequences that he doesn't like and struggles with his conscience to tell the truth. 

The families garden is overrun with "cube"cumbers with no where to go with them. Kip tries to come up with creative ways to dispose of the excess and ultimately God showed then what they could do to bless others. 

I love that Cubekin's has God as the main focus and isn't shying away from displaying real faith that a child could understand. Having scenes where they family prays together is special and important. Most children want to reflect what they are viewing on television and main stream media doesn't provide these types of scenes that are desperately needed. 

Cubekin's has rave reviews on, “Cubekins is a great kids show—children will be entertained while learning morals from a Christian perspective. Parents need not worry about negativity
or inappropriate themes. When looking for a wholesome way to teach and occupy their
children, parents can trust Cubekins to fulfill those needs.”

I can honestly say that it's a unique and cute show that I know you and your family will love!

I loved the music and so did my three year old! Here is just one of the songs on the first episode!

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