3 Ways To Brighten Up Your Garden Without Buying New Stuff!

May 27, 2021

 If your garden isn't exactly looking at its best, there is no need to panic. The reason being that you don't have to buy loads of new stuff or spend lots of money to improve it. In fact, by working with what you have you can brighten up your outdoor space in a sustainable and low-cost way. Keep reading to find out how.

Brighten up your garden furniture 


It can be very tempting to treat ourselves to new garden furniture. After all, there are so many lovely pieces on offer! However, throwing away old garden furniture does create a lot of waste which isn't very sustainable in the long run. 


The good news is you can brighten up your old garden chairs and tables pretty easily instead. Indeed, to do this properly all you need to do is identify what material they are made from. Then search for terms like how do you refinish aluminum patio furniture online to guide you with the process and you should be golden! Gorgeous outdoor furniture without having to pay out for new pieces! 


Use pre-loved items as plant pots 


I bet you already have loads of items you can reuse as plant pots in your home. In fact, they may be using up space in your spare room, or under your kitchen counter, or even in your garage, which means by clearing them out and putting them to good use, you get a double win! 


In particular, look out for things like old tins which when sanded off so they aren't sharp can make great pots for plants. Just be sure to touch some holes in the bottom of them so any water can drain. Another great thing you can use as a planter in your garden is an old tire. In fact, they can make a wonderful home for an ecosystem of all their own. 

Finally, you may want to try your hand at using old clothes items for planters in your garden. Shoes, boots, and even jeans can work well here, and they make a fun and novel addition to your outside space too. 


Utilize leftover paint to create a statement wall 


Last, of all, many of us find that we have paint leftover when we have finished a job and it just sits there. Indeed, we no longer need it because the room is complete, but we don't want to throw it away either because the paint isn't exactly great for the environment. 


Happily, there is a great way to use it up and brighten up your garden very effectively at the same time. It is to choose a single wall in your garden and paint that! Indeed, you can paint a fence, or a stone or brick wall if you so choose, and because only that area will be colorful it really makes a great statement. 


The only thing you need to remember is that if your paint was designed for use indoors you may need to use a sealant afterward to ensure it doesn't just wash off the next time it rains. After all, you won't want all your hard work getting washed down the drain! 

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