How To Stay In Touch With Long Distance Friends

July 08, 2021

 Whether it’s graduating, or relocating for a job or a relationship, there often comes a time where we end up moving away from our close friends. There are more ways than ever to stay connected, but it can feel as though you’re further apart than ever when you’re always talking to Facebook instead of face-to-face.

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Being far away doesn’t mean that you can’t still be close. You just need to have a different approach. Here are some easy ways to stay in touch with your long-distance friends. 

Optimize Your Phone Calls

It sounds obvious to pick up the phone, but when you’re juggling work, family, your partner, other friends, and errands, it can be hard to find the time to sit down for a phone call. 

If you’re struggling to find the time, set up a standing date, such as every Wednesday evening, or on the last Sunday morning of the month, and catch up with your friend. If you have a few friends to call, make it a Google Hangout or a Zoom call so you can all see each other at once. 

Group calls are great for close groups, and for events like birthdays or big news, but sometimes you still need a classic one-on-one phone call too. This might mean speaking less often, but you’ll still feel more connected. 

Chat Over Email

Email is great. You can get just as in-depth as you can over the phone, but you can write them in public, late at night, or wherever you are without disturbing anyone or being overheard. 

A cute way to make sure you’re connecting is to send your friend back their original email, with your own comments added in a different color. Leaving notes like “I remember that,” or adding your own thoughts is a great way to make email feel more like a conversation. 

Plan A Trip

Whether you make a trip back to your college town, meet in a city in the middle, or book things to do together like weekend trips or concerts, there’s no real substitute for seeing each other in the flesh. If your friend is a car ride away, plan a trip to see each other a few months in advance and get it in the calendar. If you need to fly to see each other, start saving for a vacation. This can be expensive, but getting together, even if only once a year, makes a huge difference to keeping your friendship thriving. You’ll also get to make new memories together somewhere new, to add to the ones from when you lived near each other. 

Send Real Mail

If you’re feeling a bit disconnected, ask your friend for their address and find out where to buy postage stamps. Send some old-school mail, like a letter, a card, or a postcard. A note from a friend in your mailbox brightens your day and is a lovely way to show someone that you’re thinking of them and missing them. 

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