Natural Ways To Calm Your Anxious Child

July 30, 2021

 Natural Ways To Calm Your Anxious Child

Children can be anxious for several different reasons. They might have separation issues, they could have had a bad experience in the past, they might have what a doctor would diagnose as anxiety. Whatever the reason behind the problem, as a parent, you’ll want to do what you can to make things better for them. This isn’t always easy, but there are some tried and tested ways to help your little one feel better and calmer, and that can help you feel the same. 


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There are various different kids’ yoga classes around, and this practice can be perfect for easing anxiety in a child. It is so good because it focuses on slow and gentle movements coupled with breathing exercises that ask the child to really think about what they’re doing. In essence, it clears the mind, allowing for any worries to be pushed to one side. 


Yoga, for kids or adults, is more than deep breathing and exercise, though. Anxiety creates physical effects on the body, including shallow breathing. So learning how to breathe deeply and relax in yoga is something that children can do when they are starting to feel anxious elsewhere as well. Taking deep breaths and paying attention to your breathing can stop a panic attack in its tracks. 



Art therapy is a great way to reduce stress and anxiety, and it works for both kids and adults. Some children are unable to communicate how they’re feeling verbally. They just don’t have the capacity for it; they don’t have the words to express their thoughts. This can be genuinely frustrating, and not being able to explain why they are anxious or what they are feeling can make those feelings of anxiety much worse.


Art therapy is designed as a non-verbal way for children to express their feelings. Simply letting it all out is often enough to make them feel calm and happier again. It doesn’t even matter if no one around them understands their paintings, drawings, or clay creations. The fact that they exist is what counts. What’s really great about art therapy is that it can be done in the home, in what is traditionally a safe space, allowing children to really feel comfortable in expressing their emotions. 



If the child can talk about their anxiety, then it is essential to let them – and to listen to them. The problem could be a small one (they might, for example, be worried about getting dental care because they ate too many candies), or it could be much bigger (a problem at school with a bully, for example). Whether it is big or small, talking helps.


It is your job as a parent to explain why they don’t need to worry about going to the dentist because the dentist is only there to help them, and why if there is a problem at school, it is better to tell someone than pretend it isn’t happening. Sometimes just talking can make the problem go away. Even if it doesn’t, at least you now know what is happening. 


Deep Pressure

Deep pressure therapy sounds technical, but really it’s nothing more than a hug. Deep pressure therapy is about applying firm but gentle pressure to the body of the child who is feeling anxious. You can do this by hugging, as mentioned earlier, or you can even invest in a weighted blanket or similar item. 

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