Simple Rules for Raising Happy and Healthy Kids

July 06, 2021


4 Simple Rules for Raising Happy and Healthy Kids

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All parents want the best for their kids. You'll hear many, in particular, say they wish a healthy, happy, and well-rounded life for each of their children.

Unfortunately, the art of raising a happy and healthy family isn't as straightforward as it was years ago because parenting techniques evolve constantly. This means that the robust tactics that worked for the older generation may not be sufficient for kids today, although some of the parenting fundamentals remain the same.

Here are three simple areas that you should never compromise on as a parent who wants the best outcome for their kids.

Demand Hygiene

Kids are inherently dirty because they spend most of their time playing outside, where they come into contact with disease-causing germs.

It is essential that as a parent, you keep your kids' health safe by emphasizing regular washing of hands, whether it's after toilet visits, outdoor escapades, or before and after meals, as hands are an area of interest for germs.

Hygiene should also extend to other facets of your kids' lives, such as personal grooming and dental care, as they have a hand in their general well-being. Teach your kids to wear clean clothes and practice basic oral hygiene practices, and if possible, get a family physician from to do routine dental checkups.

Once your kids understand and value the importance of good hygiene, they may have less sickly and happier lives.

Encourage Outdoor Play

The outdoors is an essential area for your kids' development because they learn a lot from their experiences in this environment, whether positive or negative.

Kids who lack any form of outdoor exercise are at a higher risk of developing lifestyle conditions such as obesity as they spend most of their time indoors eating and playing video games or watching movies.

If you want to get your kids out of the screens, you should plan for exciting activities that you can do together. This can include playing games in your backyard, going for walks, or bicycle riding at least twice every week.

Emphasize on Diet

The hardest thing to control as a parent is what your kids eat, especially when you spend hours away at work and leave them unsupervised.

While your kids must indulge in the niceties of life, such as sweet treats, now and then, you should find a balance that is best for their health. This can mean stocking your fridge and cabinets with whole grain and vegetables throughout the week while enjoying some pizza on the weekends, for example.

However, avoid using unhealthy foods as rewards because it may create food issues and weight problems later in their lives.

Prioritize Vaccination

If you have toddlers, taking them for all the relevant immunization schedules is essential for their development as it helps avoid future health complications that may limit their happiness.

For example, the polio vaccine helps children to develop immunity against the poliovirus as they grow.

Ensure your kids get the right shots at the predisposed timelines in their lives.


A good parent is always looking for ways to improve their kids' lives in every way.

If you want your kids to lead a happy and healthy life longer than yours, implement the above four rules without fail.

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