Establishing Family Traditions At Christmas: Top Tips

November 04, 2021

 Many people today, more than ever, are looking to establish meaningful family holiday traditions that are also easy to maintain. There is nothing complicated or expensive that needs to be done to make the Christmas season cheerful! Furthermore, many of these activities can be completed without ever leaving your community. All it takes are a few simple ideas to create family memories that will last for years to come.

Traditions might be as basic as serving the turkey on a specific dish every year on Thanksgiving Day. Alternatively, you may have a North Pole breakfast to commemorate the first day of December. When it comes to building family holiday traditions, every sense can be gratified. Set the mood with amazing music, seasonal aromas, tasty dishes that have been made, and significant decor in your home to create an atmosphere of celebration.

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Christmas Eve Boxes

These do not have to be anything expensive or grandiose; just a few carefully selected items will get everyone in the mood for the big day and help everyone to relax and unwind. It could be matching Christmas PJ’s and socks that will look great in Christmas morning photos, some new mugs with hot cocoa, personalized books for mom, dad, and children, and reindeer food made from porridge oats and edible glitter to sprinkle outside.

Choosing a new bauble for the tree

Make a tradition that every year you go to the store as a family and the kids pick out a new Christmas bauble or ornament each for the tree. Get two of each; one to put on the tree and one to pack away in a box with your children’s name on it. When they have grown up and moved out, present them with the box. They will then have a selection of meaningful decorations to decorate their own tree with. 

Community advent

Get a large box and wrap it in Christmas paper. Every day throughout the month of December, pop an item of canned or packaged food in there. On Christmas Eve, take it to your local homeless shelter for them to hand out at the food bank or for them to give to people in the local community that need a little extra support. It is a nice radiation for the family and is giving back to the community. 

Watch a Christmas movie

Whether you do this on the first day of December to get you into the festive spirit or on Christmas Eve as a magical way to roll into the chaos of the next day, settling down as a family to watch a Christmas classic with some delicious snacks is a great family tradition. Some of the best festive movies include Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Santa Clause The Movie, The Polar Express and A Christmas Carol.

Your family traditions are personal and should mean something to you. THey also should be fun, while not adding to the stress of the holidays. What are your favorite things to do?

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