Got Picky Eaters At Home? Here's The Help You Need

November 25, 2021

 If there is one milestone that almost every parent is devastated about, it’s the one where their happily eating baby stops eating all the fruit and veggies and instead, lives on the ‘beige’ diet. All of the milestones that your children go through are memorable ones, but it’s the food ones that become fairly stressful for most parents. 

One day your kid eats whatever you give them and then the next, they figure out that they have taste buds and can refuse to eat what you cook. It’s upsetting for you as a parent while you worry that your kids won’t get enough nutrients, but it’s equally stressful for the children who don't trust the new foods that you put in front of them. Parents need to think about serving both safe foods that they know their children will eat (even if it’s beige) and then also serving things like this wild rice recipe by When you put a new food with a safe food on the plate and give them the choice, children sometimes will choose to try the new thing that you’ve put in front of them. It’s all about choices, and if your kids feel that they’re in control, they will feel safe enough to try something new. But how else can you help?

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  1. Focus on exploring food. Every single thing that you do with your children is much more fun when you make it an adventure, a game. Children learn when they are given the chance to explore, and picky eaters are often happier to try new foods when you create curiosity and invite them to figure out what they like. Pressuring your kids only leads to upset and sadness, so don't pressure them! Let them feel it out for themselves. 

  2. Don't label the food. Instead of telling the kids that they’re going to eat mac and cheese, focus on telling them that they’re eating something delicious. If they like mac and cheese, try cauliflower cheese next. If they love eating chicken nuggets, try turkey or fish next time. You can always make food fun with your children without naming it.

  3. Don't promise food as a reward for eating food. It’s tempting to do it and we’ve all heard it - ‘eat your dinner and you get your dessert’. All this leads to, though, is children with a poor relationship with food and you want to avoid that. Give them the choices that you want them to have, and then tell them that they don't have to eat it. When you give them the freedom to choose, there’s less of a chance that they will rebel against it and eventually, they become brave enough to try the new food.

  4. Don't stress. Mealtimes are supposed to be relaxing and time to eat delicious food. Don't force, beg, threaten or punish your kids for not eating. Just enjoy  your meal and let them enjoy theirs with you. Relaxing is a must when it comes to mealtimes, and you’ll be able to enjoy them instead of constantly worrying.

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