Eco-Friendly Living for Your Home

December 25, 2021


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Many people in the modern world lead a fast-paced and busy lifestyle, meaning they may not have time to think about how their actions at home affect the environment. However, there are many ways to make your house eco-friendly, such as investing in energy-efficient light bulbs for when you need light during the night or installing solar panels on your roof.

If this is something you need help with, here are a few steps to help you live more green and sustainable at home.

Invest in a Smart Meter

A smart meter refers to a new type of electricity meter that records data about your home's energy use in real-time. This information can then be accessed by you and your energy provider so that you can see where you could save money on your energy bills. Smart meters are becoming increasingly popular, so it might be a good idea to invest in one for your home to make it more eco-friendly. Go to site for more information about your home.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy-efficient light bulbs are a great way to make your home more eco-friendly. They use less energy than traditional light bulbs, and they last longer. So not only will you be helping the environment, but you'll also be saving money on your electricity bill!

Insulate Your Home Properly

Insulating your home is an inexpensive way to make it more energy-efficient. It will also help keep your house warmer in the winter and more relaxed in the summer, which can save you money on heating or cooling bills.

Insulating your home is an easy DIY project that doesn't require much time or effort, so there's no reason not to do it!

  • Place insulation between studs before building a wall using fire retardant material like mineral wool

  • Attic spaces should have at least R50 of insulation covering all exposed areas

  • Outside walls can be insulated with cellulose, rock wool, perlite/vermiculite mix, or foam boards

  • When insulating floors, use mineral wool for the ground floor and a mix of glass fiber batts and cellulose for upper levels

Install Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a great way to make your home more eco-friendly as it is a very efficient form of heating. It heats your entire floor, rather than just the air in your home, so you will not need to heat as much space. This can save you a lot of energy and money in the long run.

You can install underfloor heating by yourself or hire a qualified professional.

If you want to install underfloor heating yourself, ensure that the floor is level and clean before laying your electric cables on top of it. Then lay down an insulating layer on top of these cables. After this, add some styrofoam boards and some adhesive to bind them together, then cover everything up with plywood sheets that should be screwed into place using screws around every 20 centimeters apart from each other.

Finally, add another insulation layer by adding more styrofoam boards onto the plywood sheeting, so they overlap slightly and use yet again another adhesive agent in between them if necessary.


Creating an eco-friendly home is a great way to do your part in saving the environment and reducing pollution. It is also a positive step for creating a home that has less impact on you, your family, and those around you. This might mean choosing efficient appliances or purchasing eco-friendly materials, but there are many more ways to make sustainable changes to your home life.

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