Healthy foods safe for your dog

December 08, 2021

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Sometimes you may have a hard time determining the best food to give to your four-legged friend since there are different potential diets for the dogs. However, giving your dog good nutrition is one of the proactive ways of helping in maintaining a good and strong immune system. It may not be guaranteed that your dog may not get cancer, but healthy nutrition will help your dog fight it. Below is a list of healthy foods that you can consider trying!


As humans, munching a carrot may be one of the healthiest snacks, which also applies to the dog. Carrots offer different health benefits to your canine pet, for instance, good dental health because it's essential to keep your dog's mouth clean. Some dog owners have considered getting their dogs into the routine of brushing their teeth, and if you're not in that group, then carrots can do you better.

Freshpet treats

These treats are all-natural and do not have any artificial preservatives, and are also less processed than traditional food. When giving your new dog this, you can feel and see the freshness when you're handing it to the dog because there are vegetable chunks that can be seen. Some ingredients used include carrots, eggs, chicken liver, broth, and the chicken itself. You can get your new pet treats at any Walmart pet food.

Green beans 

Green beans are also perfect veggies, especially for overweight dogs, because of their health benefits. You can prepare the green beans in different ways, although they also need to be served alone. Green beans have some added onions, garlic, and even salt, and are not recommended for your dog. It's advisable to keep everything simple to ensure your pet is safe and healthy. The green beans are also loaded with minerals and vitamins that give your dog different benefits.


Your dog may need some fibers in the diet that are moderately fermentable. However, you should not give your dog high fiber foods, especially those with a high energy requirement still growing. Examples, in this case, are oatmeal, rice, and maybe some small amount of plain bread.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter can be a tasty spread, and your dog can eat it too. Any organic and healthy dog product may prove to be incredible as it can also get added to your dog's meals and peanut butter has vitamins. Your dog's immune system can be boosted by vitamin E as this will help your dog from getting sick. Since vitamin B is also known for assisting healthy skin, it's good for your dog.

Besides, peanut butter's specific facts and proteins positively impact your dog's heart. The peanut butter treats will give your dog energy and growth nutrients without having any added and unhealthy fats that accompany protein sources.


You can cook your dog some eggs because of nutrition safety. For instance, one medium egg can give your dog minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Besides, it's essential to note that raw eggs are not good for your dog. Despite dogs not getting sick from eating raw eggs, salmonella bacteria may spread from your dog to you, as this may be a risk of increasing infection. 

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