Holiday Beauty Tips To Keep You Glowing Throughout The Season

December 25, 2021

 Holiday Beauty Tips To Keep You Glowing Throughout The Season

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As the saying goes, it is the most beautiful time of the year. And after spending the majority of the year stressed out from work, this festive season should give you a brief period of rest, help you recover, look your best, and prepare your body for the new year. Unfortunately, Christmas appears to bring on even more stress than it used to, with some grinding through work. In contrast, others remain busy putting holiday shoppings and decor and various festive events together. 

Then there's the tiredness from endless partying, the stress of long-distance driving to meet family and friends, and the never-ending church activities. But even with the heavily-packed Christmas schedule, you'll still want to look and feel your best through it all. Thankfully, glowing and looking festive shouldn't be too difficult with the following tips. 

Never, ever sleep in your makeup

It can get pretty rough sometimes. You might return home from a party tired and have only one desire - to get into bed and nothing else. While you may not feel like cleaning up (which you should), the last thing you want to do is go to bed with your makeup still on. 

What's the big deal? Sleeping with your makeup on can lead to premature aging. Makeup prevents the skin from getting its renewal and damages the skin. Plus, because light cannot reflect on your skin, the latter becomes dull, rough, and old, increasing fine lines and wrinkles on your facial skin. 

The solution? Always carry a packet of moisturizing makeup wipes by your bedside table (along with your hangover medications). This way, you'll be able to do a quick facial clean before you sleep.

Drink loads of water

With your refrigerator stocked up with various festive drinks, champagne, wine, energy drinks, juices, name them, it is easy to forget that a healthier option called water even exists. There's nothing wrong with enjoying your drinks, but alcohol especially requires a lot of water to clean out your kidneys. Also, overindulging in these drinks will do your body more harm than good. 

You've probably heard it a million times over already, but drinking loads of water will help 'flush' your kidneys and also support healthy skin. But that's not all; if you can't control your alcohol intake during the holidays, water might be the help you need. Even moderate alcohol levels can cause quick dehydration, and drinking a lot of water can slow down the dehydration effect. 

Choose less demanding activities

The parties and endless activities can tire you out and make you look worse instead of resting your body. Plus, 2021 isn't exactly the kind of year that encourages partying, especially with the coronavirus keeping people at home. If you still have to work during the festive season, your body will need all the rest it can get.

So, you might want to engage in less physically-demanding activities instead. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day, shop for your dresses online instead of jumping from one physical store to another chasing seasonal shopping deals. This way, your body will be able to rest more, and you'll be in a better state to recover quickly before the next year begins. 


The winter weather can easily make your skin look dull and dry with the chill air outside and warm indoor air. So, while you do your best to stay hydrated, try to exfoliate often. Dead skin cells will pile up faster if your skin dehydrates, and exfoliating will get rid of those dead cells and restore your skin's radiance.

Eat well

You probably already know about eating healthy and its benefits to your body. You may even have a fitness regime you're already used to throughout the year. But when your schedule is hectic, it is easy to throw your healthy eating plan on ice for a while, and you're already noticing extra pounds showing up on your sides. 

While it may seem difficult to cook healthy when you're juggling work with Christmas activities, you need to remember that too much junk food will deplete your energy levels when you most need them at a high. Instead of grabbing that energy drink or bag of potato chips, try preparing your meals in advance and storing them in your refrigerator. This way, you can grab them and warm them in no time. Healthy food will ensure that your body and skin get all the essential vitamins and minerals they need to keep you glowing and looking radiant. 

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