What New Mothers Should Expect From First-Time Pregnancy

December 21, 2021

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It’s unlikely to surprise you that when pregnancy occurs, life changes. That may be the most obvious statement you read today. Yet the depth and complexity of how life changes, outside of the clear implication of expecting a newborn, can be hard to understand for those who haven’t gone through this process. Even women lucky enough to bring multiple children in the world will likely have a slightly different experience every time, as while pregnancy does have essential and necessary beats, it isn’t a perfect formula, and it’s certainly not akin to a streamlined manufacturing process, to put it bluntly.

It’s totally understandable how many women, especially first-time mothers, can find this process overwhelming and nerve-wracking and incredibly unpredictable. In this post, however, we hope to discuss a few considerations to expect so that you realize you are never alone, and that what you may be experiencing isn’t totally unique or unnatural. Through this, we hope to provide some calming benefit to mothers.

The Orbit & Focus Of Your Life Changes

It’s important to note that pregnancy and ultimately childbirth will consume your thoughts and planning for the near future. This isn’t to say you need to think about it at every hour of the day, but it’s hard not to notice your stomach growing and your body changing, as well as keeping up with the health and development of your child. One thing you’ll notice, however, is that your priorities begin to change and you start to think of life anew.

It can be the most humbling and amazing feeling in the world to realize that you are no longer the most important person in your life anymore. That might sound like an odd sentence, but parents often have that feeling of being totally enthralled by their new child and the responsibility they now share. It takes around the whole term of pregnancy to come to terms with that, and can still feel raw when the baby is here. So - while your body is changing, be sure to also understand that the entire anchor point of your emotional life is sure to develop, too. Knowing that can help you feel more prepared.

Self-Care Is Even More Essential

We tend to think that looking after our child is the most important thing in the world, and it is. But we cannot look after them without looking after ourselves, too.

It’s estimated that up to 50-75% of new mothers will experience feelings known as ‘the baby blues’ after delivering their child. This requires understanding, nourishment, and communication to get through. However, it’s also calculated that up to 15% of women that have just given birth experience post-partum depression to a more severe degree. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to stay in constant touch with your midwife, to open up about your emotional health, and to ask for help if you need it. It’s there for you if you reach out.

Your Body Will Do Odd Things

Turns out, growing and developing a brand new human being, a human that, if lucky, will grow into a full adult and perhaps live into their seventies or eighties, requires an awful lot of demand on your body right now. It’s hard to think of that as anything other than a miracle, but of course, any miracle that takes place within your body is sure to have its effects.

You may notice, for instance, that your body does odd things at this time. Morning sickness and cravings are perhaps the most commonly understood, but that’s hardly an exhaustive list. For instance, thanks to the increase in blood flow and hormones you’ll notice that mucous membranes will swell, meaning that you feel ‘stuffed’ without the ability to blow your nose to get rid of such a feeling. 

Some women notice zebra stripes, blotchy skin, and a range of spots, encouraged by hormone changes. In some cases, our feet can even grow due to the hormones that allow your joints to relax in preparation for delivery. In some cases, women can lose their feet arches and grow a shoe size. Every body is different of course, so it’s best to express any changes you notice and find help or appropriate care for it where possible.

You’ll Find Yourself ‘Nesting’ Thoroughly

It’s almost as if there’s an inbuilt drive to make your surroundings as appropriate and nourishing as possible for when you welcome your child into the world. Women who aren’t usually the homemakers will also report this feeling. This is called ‘nesting,’ where those expecting a child will make sure that the space is perfect for their children, making sure that every safety issue is resolved, that the items are properly organized, and that everything you need is exactly where you want it.

You can view these nesting during pregnancy answers to see some more insight into this topic, as well as tips for curating your home in the best way. This is a totally natural urge of course, and nothing to worry about unless it becomes obsessive.

You’ll See Who Your Real Friends Are

Bringing a new child into the world is a big deal, and certainly an experience that shows you what is most important in life. For this reason, it’s important to recognize that the friends in your life may or may not be as supportive as you expected them to be.

In fact, you’ll find out who your real friends are at this time, and find that while you may not have as many friends due to your incredible new change in life direction, the relationships you retain will deepen. There are some who will go over and above to care for you, and others that might not. Keeping that in mind can help you avoid feeling worried at a time when you should be focusing on yourself.

With this advice, we hope you can move into pregnancy with as much confidence and peace as you deserve. We also wish you the best of luck and health during this process, and for your baby (or babies), too.

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