3 Fabulous Ways To Treat Yourself To Some Well Deserved Me-Time In 2022

January 15, 2022


3 Fabulous Ways to Treat Yourself to Some Well Deserved Me-Time In 2022

The disruption and distress that the worldwide coronavirus pandemic has wrought across the length and breadth of not only the United Kingdom, but the rest of the world has resulted in many people reporting significantly lower levels of energy and motivation. 

Feeling stressed and anxious is indeed part and parcel of adulthood, but by no means does this result in you simply having to cope with how you’re feeling and just ‘get on with it’. Looking after your emotional health and wellbeing is incredibly important, so continue reading to discover five fabulous ways to treat yourself to some well-deserved me-time in 2022.

  1. A Walk In Nature 

One of the oldest and most effective ways to take yourself not only physically but emotionally out of a situation to be able to more objective is to go for a bracing walk in nature. 

Although perhaps slightly too much of an abstract thought, as humans are basically animals with a conscious, logic dictates that to get back to nature is to get back to the essence of one’s being and as a result, taking a walk in nature is the perfect way to regain perspective. 

There is a wide plethora of benefits to reconnecting with the natural environment around you, and if you do so regularly, this may well help you to decide on your future prospects, professional career path, and personal goals. 

As well as the proverbial clearing of your head, taking regular walks also boasts a wealth of other positive benefits, including but in no way limited to:

  • Walking has been scientifically proven to be a mood-enhancer (and, just as a point to note, so is a couple of squares of chocolate)

  • Walking can substantially reduce the risk of contracting a chronic and painful disease

  • Walking has been proven to boost brain power

  • Walking delays the onset of painful varicose veins

  • Walking reduces levels of both stress and anxiety

  • Walking can help to alleviate joint pain

  • Walking can enhance creativity

  • Walking stimulates your digestive system

  • Walking benefits every single organ in the human body without exception

  1. Massage Therapy

There is a wide plethora of fantastic benefits that massage can provide, not just as some may think, to one’s physical fitness levels, but can also significantly improve your emotional health and wellbeing as well.

Booking a professional massage with an expertly trained massage therapist from a reputable and renowned company, such as heavenandearthmassage.co.uk, will not only soothe aches and pains from your back and muscles but also increase feelings of relaxation and contentment. 

  1. Hot Bubble Bath

Instead of trying to squeeze in a bath before you head out to work of a morning, set aside half an hour to truly relax in a hot bubble bath; bathing is one of the easiest yet simultaneously most effective ways to care for yourself, both physically and emotionally. 

Bathing is a fabulous way to spend just a small amount of time putting yourself first and also provides the following health benefits:

  • Baths can substantially elevate and improve your mood

  • Baths can relieve the pains caused by muscles and soothe your spine

  • Baths burn calories. OK, not many… but they do burn a few!

  • Baths significantly help you to fall asleep and improve the quality of your sleep

  • Baths with smelling salts and other soothing scents can reduce levels of stress and anxiety

  • Baths soothe and moisturize dry and irritated skin

  • Baths can reduce your blood pressure

  • Baths even act as a mild antidepressant 

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