How to Look After Your Feet

January 11, 2022


How to Look After Your Feet

Your feet are an important part of your body, and good foot health is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, they are often neglected until something goes wrong. However, issues with the feet can be incredibly debilitating and severely affect your day to day life. From chronic foot pain and plantar fasciitis to ingrown toenails and bunions, there are many ways your feet can cause you pain and discomfort. In order to keep the foot doctor away, you should practice good foot health. Here are a few top tips to help you look after your feet.

Practice Good Foot Care

Many people abide by a healthy diet and active lifestyle regime in order to keep their bodies healthy inside and out. Implementing a good foot care routine is also an important part of staying healthy and well. Good foot care can ward off serious health issues and conditions. Get into the routine of checking your feet for changes and irregularities. When the weather takes a turn, keep them clean and dry to stop foot odor in its tracks and reduce your chance of developing fungal infections. Getting into the habit of cutting your toenails regularly can help prevent ingrown toenails while removing hard, dead skin with a pumice stone can keep your feet feeling fresh. Apply moisturizer or lotion to keep your skin soft and supple and keep sore, cracked heels at bay.

The Right Fit

Shoes that do not fit properly can result in foot issues such as calluses, bunions, hammertoe, corns, and plantar fasciitis. This is why you should always make sure you wear correctly fitted shoes. A good pair of shoes should give your toes some wriggle room. They should also feel comfortable as soon as you wear them. They should grip your heel, and your heel should not slide when you walk. A well-fitting pair of shoes will protect your feet and cushion them from the weight of your body.

Always Choose Comfort

Comfort is key when picking a pair of shoes, and you should always take a few steps in a new pair of shoes to judge the comfort level. The soles of a shoe should provide adequate protection against external objects, such as glass and rocks. Check the material of the soles and test new shoes by walking on hard and soft surfaces, if possible. Chimmy Churry is a brand of shoes that draws inspiration from the Argentine alpargata. Their shoes are designed to be functional and stylish. They are lightweight and are made from vegan materials that are both comfortable and breathable. Visit to view their collection.

Match Your Shoes to Your Activity

If you exercise often and play the same sports regularly, you should try to match your shoes to your activity. Nowadays, many sporting activities have shoes designed to enhance performance. For instance, running shoes support the feet of runners and provide flexibility and cushioning, walking shoes absorb shock, and basketball shoes offer stability required during a game and a high-top for ankle support.

By following these simple pieces of advice, you can be sure to keep your feet in pristine condition. 

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