The 3 Obstacles To Address When We’re Moving Away With Children

May 26, 2022


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Moving to another location or country is something that can solidify the beginning of something completely new for us. While we may want to start a new life, when there are children, there is a lot more to it than just what we are after. And this means we've got to help our children cope with this idea of relocating. It's more than just making them feel at home, but ensuring they are able to see that it is an exciting start for them as well. So how do we help our children cope with the relocation process? It's about understanding the major obstacles.


If you are stressed out about the process, it will not make a good impression! The whole tasks involved with moving, from finding local and interstate removalists to tying up loose ends or the immigration process can be overwhelming. If you are getting overwhelmed, you need to learn how to be calm. While a lot of the stresses can be frustrating in the short term, we've got to remember that they are serving a bigger purpose. If we keep our perspective, this is going to keep us happy.

Help Them See the Benefits of Moving

One of the most difficult things we can do in our lives is to move from one place to another. Going to a whole new place is like venturing into the unknown, so if we want our children to come round to our way of thinking, we have to help them see the benefits of moving, which means providing the bigger picture. This can be harder to achieve than we think! While our children may not care that it's for their own good or the fact that they will have a better life, we have to point out the things that are better for them right now. While they may be missing their friends, you can show your children there are more options to mix with other types of children or they can choose the school they want to attend. All of these things can give them a lot of peace of mind in the process, which will make a big difference in the long run.

Keep the “Home” Fires Burning

One of the biggest lessons we can all learn from moving from one place to another is that our children don't need to feel like it is a major uproot to their lives. This is easier said than done, but when you start to keep the ties strong at home, your kids will feel a better connection to the people back home, but we've also got to be aware that they will feel homesick so this connection will do so much for them. You may not initially have peace of mind for this very reason, but while this can be short-term stress, we've got to have that perspective. 

Moving is going to improve our family life in so many amazing ways, but when we look at the obstacles in the short term, this can force us to have a very skewed perspective. Keep the faith!

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