4 Tips to Ensure Your Child Is Ready for School

August 02, 2022



As proud as you are when your child starts school, you also have concerns, especially if you're not used to them being away from you for the entire day. Still, your child needs school; not just for their education, but also for socializing and learning essential life skills. As a proud parent, you want to give them the best start possible, so here are four tips to ensure your child is ready for school. 

Sort Their Health and Hygiene

Your kids are probably hygienic enough, but this doesn’t always guarantee they won’t catch illnesses and diseases when they start school. Establishing a health and hygiene routine, including getting their shots or visiting a local dentist before starting school gives them a clean slate to mingle with other kids. You can also encourage more general health, such as regular baths or showers, washing their hands, and cleaning their teeth (at least) twice a day. 

Introduce them to Books 

Parents who are dedicated to raising a reader should give their children a head start over their classmates by introducing them to books, both fiction and non-fiction. This can give your child a solid knowledge base, meaning they may already know some of the topics. Introducing kids to books (as well as other media like movies, music, and information on the internet), can also foster curiosity, which will set them up for success during their time at school. If they associate learning with something positive, they will be more passionate about their education. 

Create a Place for Study 

There will come the point where your child brings homework back with them. If you’ve spent any time working from home, you know how challenging it can be to focus in a makeshift working environment. Creating a place for your child to study, whether in their bedroom or even a spare room, can help them focus on any work or projects they need to complete at home. Don’t forget to include essentials like a clock, bulletin board, and an organizer, so they can stay on top of everything and don’t miss any deadlines. 

Ease Any Worries 

If you have worries about your child starting (or going back to) school, they may share the same fears or concerns. They may worry about making friends or being away from the house and their parents. You must do everything to ease their worries and make them excited about going to school. 

You can do this by showing them any friends they already have who will attend the same school. Visiting the school and meeting teachers can also ease their fears. There may still be tears and resistance on their first day (and possibly even for a few weeks afterward), but they will benefit from going to school. Eventually, they will be out of the door before you tell them to get ready. 


Children starting school is supposed to be an exciting moment for everyone. They get the chance to show off how clever they are, and you can support them in homework, activities, and more. If you want to guarantee they start school right, these tips will prepare them for everything that’s about to come. 

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