Creating A Luxury Hotel Bathroom Feel At Home

August 23, 2022

 When you head to a luxury hotel, there is often nothing better than the amazing ensuite bathroom that seems to tick every box - 5 star hotels no doubt take their interior design efforts seriously, and their bathrooms are certainly no exception! Fortunately, recreating his chic and high end look inside the comfort of your own home doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might initially imagine, as this guide contains some of the most effective steps that you can follow to turn your interior design dreams into a reality today. So, if you’re ready to revamp your bathroom to help it take on a luxury hotel ensuite feel, then simply read on to uncover some amazing ideas that you can incorporate into your home today. 

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Look For Inspiration 

First and foremost, you need to begin your journey by seeking out the most appropriate inspiration. This doesn’t mean that you have to travel all around the world to stay in luxurious 5 star hotels in every country, as this would no doubt cost you a ridiculous sum of money! Instead, all you need to do is look at these amazing hotels online, as they will feature great quality photos of their interiors (including their star studded bathrooms) that you can then use as inspiration. You can even decide to make your own mood board that features all of the best concepts and design ideas that you have managed to find from different hotels or interior designers, as this way you can create your own unique combination rather than doing a carbon copy of a pre-existing bathroom. Try not to copy a bathroom outright, as this is unoriginal and you will likely not be able to access the same materials and features that they used (which can make your new bathroom look like a much cheaper, lower quality version). 

Choose The Right Colour Palette 

It’s absolutely vital that you take the time to choose the right colour palette if you want your new hotel-style bathroom to surpass your expectations, as the tones and shades that you use in your ensuite can have an enormous impact on the look and feel. The type of colours that you choose should depend on the specific style or aesthetic that you have chosen to implement in your home or bedroom. So, if you want a dark, mysterious and indulgent ensuite, then you can utilize dark chocolate browns, deep passionate reds and even black or dark grey colours to set the scene perfectly. If you would prefer a lighter, brighter bathroom that is uplifting and sweet, then softer tones such as baby pink, duck egg blue or even excellent white for the perfect minimalistic feel. Your colour palette should realistically contain no more than 2-3 different shades (unless you are going for a maximalist design), as any more than this could make your bathroom seem busy, cramped and overwhelming. 

Invest In Luxury Fixtures & Fittings 

When you enter into a 5 star hotel bathroom, you immediately notice the quality of the fixtures and fittings that can be found around the room. It’s extremely rare that you’re going to spot a big electric shower box on the wall taking up space, and you will no doubt find furniture and other accessories that you might not spot in any normal family bathroom. These upgrades are what will take your ensuite to a whole new level, as choosing to sell your old basic bath so that you can replace it with a much more sophisticated freestanding clawfoot alternative will certainly transform the space more than you might ever imagine. Consider upgrading to a double sink if you haven’t already, as having 2 separate areas for you and your partner is an achievable luxury that can help to upgrade your bathroom and even add value to your home. Invest in the most suitable lighting that can be dimmed or adjusted to set the mood, as having the option of more relaxing lighting when you’re enjoying a long hot bubble bath can improve your self care efforts more than you might ever imagine. Don’t scrimp on the smaller details too, as this is something that a great hotel would never do. Whether this means sourcing the finest taps on offer or locating the most luxurious tiles that stand head and shoulders above other options in terms of quality, just make sure you are able to source the most high end fixtures and fittings if you want to recreate that amazing 5 star bathroom feel. 

Don’t Forget About The Finishing Touches 

It’s so vital that you don’t forget about the finishing touches when it comes to your new amazing ensuite, as there are lots of small yet important features that you need to remember to tie your bathroom together and ensure you can have the best possible experience. For example, you’re going to need a couple of non-slip bath mats that you can place just beside your shower or bath to collect water whenever you get out after washing. Making the mistake of choosing the cheapest bath mat that you can find will certainly drag your new interior design down more than you might ever imagine, so don’t ruin your hard work by choosing a low quality finishing touch. Instead, source a luxury bath mat that is thick and plush, featuring a quality material and a beautiful colour or design that is just as attractive as the rest of your bathroom. Even your towels and bathrobes can be upgraded to better suit your new high class ensuite, as stylish and sophisticated brands like Richard Haworth can no doubt provide you with some amazing bathroom linen that will act as the icing on the cake. 

Creating a luxury hotel bathroom in the comfort of your home has never been such a simple task when you can take the time to utilise some of the brilliant tips and tricks that have been carefully described above! So, what are you waiting for? Design your dream bathroom today! 

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