5 Things You Never Thought You Would Have To Do As A Parent

March 19, 2023


 We all have an idea of the type of parents we’ll be before we have kids. Then the kids come along. Being a parent may have changed your ideas about parenting and how to raise your children.

You’ve probably done and said many things you never thought you would. Every parent is in the same boat. Take a look at some common things most parents thought they’d never have to do.

Use Their Own Parents Lines

Have you found yourself saying ‘not while you live under my roof’ to your child even though you swore you never would? What about the classic ‘because I said so’? Most parents would never want to use the lines their own parents used on them.

However, there comes a day when those lines that you hated so much as a child slip out of your own mouth. You may even find yourself understanding and forgiving your own parents in the process.

Deal With An Emergency

You would never take your eyes off your child long enough for an emergency to happen, right? Then you witness your own children do something at the speed of light. Perhaps your kid tripped and fell while running in the yard and now you have to head to the hospital.

Maybe you’re left to call emergency plumbing after your toddler blocked the drain with his tiny plastic toys. If you have to deal with an emergency, it doesn’t make you a bad parent.

Bad Diet

Did you have hopes of making your children healthy, organic snacks for their lunch boxes? Are they getting candy instead? Every parent hopes to give their child a healthy and nutritious diet but your kids may have other ideas.

Whether you can’t find the time to get a healthy meal on the table or your kids totally refuse to eat vegetables, you aren’t alone. As long as you’re doing your best, you have nothing to worry about.

Lose Your Patience

It’s easy to assume you won’t lose your patience as a parent until you’re a parent. Children can push you to the brink of insanity but you still have to demonstrate to them how to keep your cool. There will be times when that task is impossible.

If you’ve lost your patience with your child, it’s probably been directly followed by a big dollop of parent guilt. It’s important to apologize at this point and explain to your child that you got it wrong but you’re only human too.

Too Much Screen Time

You’ll never let your kid have too much screen time? Most parents want their children to have as little screen time as possible. However, those kids tablets really come in handy when you need some kid-free time to get tasks done.

If there have been a few days where your kids have had too much screen time because you haven’t had the energy for anything else, don’t punish yourself. 

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