Best Social Media Platforms for Craft Artists

March 19, 2023

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A craft artist is someone who works outside the usual boundaries of fine arts. A craft artist typically uses materials like ceramics, paper, textiles, glass, metal, and wood to make handmade objects, including textiles, glassware, and pottery. These craftworks are usually created either for exhibition or sale or both. But in this ever-evolving digital landscape, it can be a bit difficult for craft artists to market their products. For their work to get noticed and acknowledged by new clients, craft artists should make use of appropriate social media platforms. Using social media will also help these artists to bring their work to the attention of a larger audience. Some of the best platforms craft artists can use to promote their work include the following.


Currently, one of the best platforms for craft artists to promote or sell their creations is Instagram. This platform has more than 1 billion users, and its user base is expanding daily. This will give craft artists an opportunity to connect with numerous potential clients. Instagram is also a gathering spot for other artists, collectors, gallerists, and curators. Artists can use this platform effectively to socialize with their colleagues and establish close relationships with clients.

Instagram is also beneficial to craft artists due to its visual nature. Artists can show off their works to their potential customers in the form of images and videos, Instagram Stories, IGTV, and Instagram Reels. The app also offers numerous tools that artists can use to make their posts aesthetically pleasing and engaging. Based on engagement and the time users spend viewing your content, Instagram might even promote your post. Make sure to showcase your finest work and share your narrative in your posts to increase engagement.


Facebook is another great social media platform craft artists can use to promote their work. Artists can post pictures and videos of their best work to showcase their talent to viewers. All you need to do is create a page and invite your friends and family to follow you and slowly expand your network. The platform also offers Facebook Marketplace, which is one of the simplest ways to sell online, particularly if you are looking to sell locally. It is also helpful if you're looking to start or expand a local store. If you are running a registered business, you can advertise your goods on this platform and even ship them internationally.


If you want to make long-form videos detailing the process of making your product then YouTube is the best platform for you. It is the second-biggest search engine after Google which will increase your exposure in the global marketplace. It is also much simpler to improve your search ranking on YouTube compared to Google. You can also make short-form videos on the platform using YouTube shorts for customers who do not have a long attention span.


TikTok, a platform with over 1 billion users, is perfect for craft artists looking to target young people. You can use this platform to showcase your new creative endeavors, the process of making your products, and packing them all accompanied by some appropriate popular music. The platform also allows creators to add clickable links that people can use to purchase products. You can also use popular hashtags to get your video trending and get the attention of a wider audience.


Pinterest is another platform that allows artists to post their crafts. This website is frequently used by businesses and marketers to advertise their products and increase traffic to their main website. Though generally considered a social media website, Pinterest is more of a search engine like Google. Also, some social aspects like adding comments are not prominent on this platform. Pinterest allows users to pin their favorite images and create albums that will help them to revisit the photos they liked again. The "pins" or postings you make will also remain active for a very long time, making it a long-term marketing endeavor. This platform also allows users to post videos that are about four seconds to 15 minutes long.


Although LinkedIn might feel like the last place people might prefer to promote their craftworks, this platform is an excellent place to post your work, especially if you are looking to connect with professionals. You will also be able to connect with several high-end businesses as well as directors using this platform.


Social media platforms offer craft artists a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues as well as potential clients. Artists can use this platform to showcase their talents, ideas, and values and forge professional and personal relationships that add value to their craft.

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