The Messy Mom

Hello, I am glad that you are here and interested in my messy life.

I am a person who is passionate about words...written, spoken, unspoken...this blog is my word journey. Here I can express all the words I want without bothering my husband!!

I love to study and incorporate a healthier and more natural lifestyle. There will be a lot of articles on green living, getting back to basics and the harmful effects of man made chemicals in our foods and household/beauty products. If you do not share this same view I understand and that's ok.

This blog is to share my faith, my views and opinions on anything and everything under the sun.

I pray this blog will be a vessel to reach the lost, strengthen the weak and to encourage all believers to come together and share their love for Christ. I also pray that this blog will enlighten people to the ways of this world and try to avoid things that will ultimately harm them and their no way is this blog intended to induce fear but to instruct and inform; in love the truths that I have uncovered.

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope to see you here often!!

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Brandy~ The Wonderfully Messy Mom

Brandy~ The Wonderfully Messy Mom

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