What Does It Mean To Be Faithful To God? I was reading in Psalm 103 this morning about God's faithfulness, mercy, and long sufferin...

Being Faithful to God

What Does It Mean To Be Faithful To God?

I was reading in Psalm 103 this morning about God's faithfulness, mercy, and long suffering toward us. In verses 10-12 David exclaims, " He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him. As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us." God does not give us what we deserve for our sinfulness. We should receive a death penalty, a life of eternal damnation, a life without hope of eternal life (a life spent with Jesus in heaven)...but God who is rich in mercy does not see it that way.

If you go on further down you will see, "For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust. As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth. For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone; and the place thereof shall know it no more. But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his righteousness unto children's children; To such as keep his covenant, and to those that remember his commandments to do them" (Psalm 103:14-18). 

While reading this and praying, I felt like the Lord was dealing with me to become MORE faithful to Him. While I read my Bible on most days, pray daily, and attend church every time the doors are open, I am not as faithful to HIM as I could be. 

I was reminded that He has placed eternity within our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11) and because of this, we tend to think that our lives will go on forever. We need to remember that our days are short and we live only for a season. We are like the grass that withers and is covered with snow in the winter. We are but a flower that grows only for a short season and then is gone. 

We are not living right now in eternity, but eternity is still yet to come. We cannot get sidetracked and distracted with the cares of this life. We must become faithful to God.

I had to think about that this morning- how can I become MORE faithful to God when I feel as though I am already as faithful as I can be. I am going to be transparent here: I felt pretty good about my faithfulness this morning: I attend every service at church (even the special services), I am rarely late to church, practices, events, etc. (in fact I strive to be 10 min early), I attend every prayer meeting, I am at every single music practice, I am at every single event that is ever planned...I am always available to do whatever is asked of me without complaint...boy, I felt pretty faithful- until God pricked my heart (because I am a long way from being faithful to Him)...I am not saying I was proud of those accomplishments, I am just telling you that I felt about as faithful as faithful can get. 

But God reminded me that while I am busy doing the King's business, I cannot forget to spend time with the King. 
He planted eternity into our hearts for a reason, so we will long to be with Him. He wants us to stop being so busy with "worldly" things, and think about "heavenly" things. We are so busy with running that there is no time for the things that matter. 

We run our kids back and forth to all these extra curricular activities (sports practices and games, dances, karate, gymnastics, club meetings, etc.) going here and there for our own entertainments (game nights, movie nights,date nights, night out with friends, shopping, etc.) and lets not forget about all the other fun stuff... hunting season, fishing season, football season, baseball season, ETC!!! 

We have become lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God (II Timothy 3:4). 
Distractions are everywhere!!

So how do you become more faithful to God?
By putting God FIRST in all you do. 

Try cutting back on the extra things in this life and focusing more on the life to come. 

There are souls out there living and dying in sin. 

Are we out there witnessing to them as much as we are out there playing around having fun?
Are we spending as much time in God's presence as we are spending time with other people?
Are we spending as much time in the House of God as we are spending at other places?
Are we spending as much time reading the Bible as we are spending reading other books?
Are we spending as much time in prayer with God as we are spending time talking to other people about our problems?

Being faithful to God is not just saying in your heart that you love God; it is showing Him that you love Him. You have to be sold out to Him! Every thing you say and do must have God's fingerprints all over it. 

Being faithful to God is not just showing up to church regularly, but when you do, you worship Him like no one is looking! When was the last time you wept before the Lord with snot dripping down your face? When was the last time you danced in His presence like a little child? God longs for you to worship Him without abandon!!! 

Being faithful to God is seeking someone who is hurting and leading them to the cross. It should be your heart beat. We are but a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow. Cut out all the distractions!! 
I am not saying you cannot have fun in this life. God wants us to enjoy our lives! But not to the extent that we forget about living for Him wholeheartedly. 

Just stop and think about how your week(or even this last month) has been so far. 

How many people did you talk to about Jesus dying on the cross for their sins? 
How many times did you spend actually gleaning something fresh from the Bible? 
How many times did you pray for more than 10 minutes.
How many television programs did you watch so far?
How many times did you neglect to do to church for any reason?
How many practices did you attend or take your kid to?
How many meetings did you show up at?
How many times did you make a phone call, send a text, or a FB message?
How many times did you look at Facebook this week?

If you are spending more time doing this for yourself, rather than things for God, you are being a lover of self more than a lover of God.

It's something to think about.

How faithful are you to God?


Ok so I usually never promote one company better than another, but I have to this time! Label Daddy is by far the best label company I hav...

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I love, love, love this dress. It is so beautiful!  I am not really one for dressing up to "fru-fru"- I like to dress very comf...

1950's Grace Karin Vintage Dress

I love, love, love this dress. It is so beautiful! 
I am not really one for dressing up to "fru-fru"- I like to dress very comfortable. 
But there are occasions that I dress up. Conferences, conventions, special church services. 
This is just the dress for me to wear on those occasions. 

The length is perfect, the sleeves long enough...the color great!
I would only complain that the top area is snug- not the bust itself, but if I were to reach around and hug someone, I would be very restricted. I think I could let that out and give myself some more room. I almost order another size up, but was afraid it would be to loose in the bust area. 

The material is not listed on the tag, but the handling instructions are as follows:
Dry Clean Only
(I did read somewhere that you can hand wash this dress)
Do Not Bleach
Low Heat Iron
Do Not Wring the dress 
Dry Flat
Do not expose to sun for prolonged times

That seems simple enough!!

If you have a wedding to attend, a classy event, or just like to have something nice, you should purchase this dress. It is only $30.98!!

You can purchase it on Amazon here

Hi there. I have a great guest post for you! Ashley over at The Geeky Mama Blog is sharing her heart with you.  I hope you pop on over...

I Am That Perfectly Imperfect Mama: Guest Post

Hi there. I have a great guest post for you!
Ashley over at The Geeky Mama Blog is sharing her heart with you. 
I hope you pop on over and follow her!

Before I got pregnant with my first son, I thought about how amazing it would be to be a Mom. I kept thinking, "Hmmm.. It can't be that hard! Every woman has that motherly instinct in them... " Oh... How wrong I was! I had been searching through vlogs of young mama's and saw how happy and organized most of them were, but come on.. there is things that go on, on the other side of that camera. Things that most of us mama's need to see! Let me go ahead and be the one to show you that side that no one sees.


I ended up taking a picture of my little stinker today. Look how angelic and sweet he looks with that cute little smile. Well looks can be deceiving let me tell you! This is what you don't see....


Yep, he grabbed a highlighter while I was vacuuming his bedroom and hid in the kitchen and drew all over himself! (And I mean ALL over himself!) Look at that sneaky face. I know he's proud of himself! You will also notice he is wearing just a diaper. (I am happy he is at least wearing that! :) He HATES.. let me repeat that.. HE HATES CLOTHES! When we leave to run errands I will dress him and we go about our business. As soon as we walk through that front door, I have to do a double take! I compare it to a magic trick. Now you see it, now you don't! We do live in Arizona and yes I will admit it gets way too hot here. So yes, I am that Mama that allows her child to run naked! (Well, with a diaper on of course! Which he hates wearing!) 

So since we live in Arizona and the summers are horrible to live through, there isn't a lot of "Come on kids lets go play outside!" There's a lot more "I'm bored Mom!" My oldest is in love with Pokémon GO and watching toy reviews on Youtube. So today was one of those days where I didn't get my phone back and missed a couple of important phone calls and all because my son thinks he's "Gotta catch them all", while I did the laundry. (Yes, that's why he has no sheets on his bed!) :) So yes, I am that Mama that lets technology babysit my kids on some days. Hey I'm not perfect because some days I just need to get chores done around the house. 
As you can see, my life is not at all perfect... Its far from it. I have a 2 year old that loves to streak through the house, say "NO", have tantrums and draw all over himself! I also have a 4 year old that loves to be by himself and watch reviews and play games. To all mama's out there who give yourselves a hard time on not having everything "the way you want it".... Don't let it bring you down! I think about it like this.. If I see that adorable smile on their faces and know that they are safe and happy, that's all that matters. The video games, naked baby butts, and the marker all over my sons body doesn't phase me anymore.
So am I perfect? No... but I am a perfectly imperfect mama and wouldn't change anything about that. To mama's everywhere.. THIS is real life.

Colleen Coble takes you on an emotional journey in To Love a Stranger.  Bessie Randall is thrust into a new life because her sister tak...

To Love a Stranger: Book Review

Colleen Coble takes you on an emotional journey in To Love a Stranger. 

Bessie Randall is thrust into a new life because her sister takes things too far in writing love letters to men looking for wives. Bessie's sister uses her name to make these transactions and even signs a marriage license in her name. 

Bessie is sure she must keep the marriage even despite her fears. Jasper, the unsuspecting spouse is awaiting a beautiful wife, what he gets instead is Bessie- who is plain. 

The marriage is off to a rocky start from the beginning. Instead of annulling the marriage right away, they are called to move into Utah territory by the military. They will decide what to do when they get there. 

All along the way they encounter Indians, obstacles and even...attraction??
But what throws some real kinks into life is Bessie finds a newborn infant in the middle of the desert with her dead mother, making an instant family...or do they?

Once they arrive at their new location they must decide what to do with the marriage. In the struggle to honor God's Word and see what happens, may challenges draw them together. 

Bessie gets bit by a rattlesnake while Jasper is away at work, the baby gets kidnapped and Jasper starts having second thoughts about sending Bessie away.

I will be honest, I cried many times throughout this book. It's a great tool to show the true meaning of love!!