Anti-Acne Astringent

February 02, 2013


1 T fresh mint leaves
1 t dried rosmary
1 cup water
Bring water to boil, steep herbs until cooled. Place all items into container and keep in fridge up to one week. Dap on with cotton ball to cleansed face, then apply light cream if needed.

I made this yesterday and last nigth I put this on after I washed my face, I feel in love. My face felt refreshed and smooth!! I didnt need a cream after but I did put on my chickweed salve I make because I love it too!! I have horrible acne and if I do not use that salve, I break out horribly. So I am hoping with this added to my arsinal, I wont ever have problems...Plus this was so easy to make I will always make this!! (as long as it works!!)

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