Re-batching soap recipe

May 05, 2014

Basic re-batch Soap Method

Almond Rose Soap Recipe

Re-batching is reusing old soap slivers or grating pure soap flakes. I use Ivory soap, this is the closest thing to pure soap you can find on the market next to castile soap.

Get a cheese grater and shred your soap. You can use anything that you would use in regular soap making. You can add essential oils, fragrance oils, flower petals, ground oatmeal, nuts...whatever! The possibilities are limitless.

You can add these to premade molds, or create your own molds. A cardboard box, a match box or anything like this will work too, and its FREE!!!

 After you mold them let them sit for a few days to dry and pop them out and enjoy!!

Here is a good recipe you can try

2 Tbsp dried rose petals
8 oz pure soap flakes {Ivory soap will work}
2/3 c boiling water
1/2 c rose water
2 Tbsp ground almonds
9 drops geranium essential oil

1- Pound the rose petals to break them up and release the oils. In a large bowl add the ground petals, soap flakes, and boiling water. Stir until smooth. If the soap starts to solidify place bowl over a double broiler with boiling water.

2- Stir in rose water and ground almonds. Allow to cool, then add geranium oil.

3-Put into molds and let dry.

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  1. This is such a great idea and would be awesome to do with the kids!

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      It's so easy the kids would love to help you!

  2. What a fabulous idea! Thank you

    1. Anonymous7:10 AM

      And it's so easy to customize to your preference!

  3. Cute cute cute. Love the idea of re-using a matchstick box for this. Makes it more acceptable for me to hoard until I get around to this project. :) Thank you so much for sharing on the Merry Monday linky party! We hope you come back this week! - Treana @

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      Thank you. I also have a secret hoarding addiction: paper!! LOL


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