Are Your Allergies Preventing You From Enjoying the Summer? Here's How to Manage Them

April 26, 2019

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The summer is the best part of the year for most people, with loads of sunshine, plenty of activities, and the opportunity to go on holiday. If you happen to suffer from any type of allergy, though, going away might be a challenge. Your food sensitivities will prevent you from eating just about anything on the menu, not to mention that the dry warm air can be full of pollen that triggers you hay fever. If you don’t want to miss out on your next holiday, you might want to try some of these solutions. 

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Take Antihistamines

Most mile allergies can be treated with antihistamines, but you are not guaranteed to find the same ingredients and strengths at your travel destination. You should visit your doctor and ask for a prescription to take with you, Unfortunately, even the change of air and climate might trigger an allergic reaction that you cannot foresee, and not being able to take part in outdoor activities can ruin your holiday.

Bug Repellents

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Some people are extremely allergic to bee and wasp bites, and they can have serious reactions, including swelling of the limbs that spreads all the way up to the heart. You should take bug repellents if there is a chance that you will come across these insects - or ones you don’t even know about - at your destination. You should also take some antihistamine cream with you, so you can immediately reduce the swelling.

Sun Protection and Sunhat

Sun allergy can be extremely depressing, especially during the summer months. If you have a sensitive skin, and have rashes when you are staying outside during the day, you will need to ensure you are covering your body up well. Take a supersized scarf with you to cover your shoulders when you are out in the sun. A wide brimmed sun hat will also protect your face from the sun’s rays, without making you feel too hot underneath. If your eyes are sensitive to the sun, you can take care of your senses, too, by wearing sunglasses with advanced UV protection.

Go Self Catering

Those with food intolerance or insensitivity might not be able to book a budget-friendly all inclusive holiday, either, you might as well go self catering and pick your meals and ingredients, so you can avoid feeling poorly for the rest of the vacation. It is hard to find out what was used for each meal, especially if you are staying in a foreign country.

Get a Steroid Injection

Once you have found out what you are allergic to exactly, and visited an alleergy specialist, you will be able to find the right long term treatment option. If you want to eliminate your symptoms for a long time, you can ask for a steroid injection that will last for up to a year.   

Living with allergies can be challenging in the summer when you are trying to enjoy your vacation. Don’t let your condition ruin your fun, and get professional help and advice.

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