How Your Kids Can Help Your Parents

September 08, 2019

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It sometimes feels like you have to be the ones who help everyone, you're the parents, and you have your kids to look after, but as your parents get older then you have to look after them too, but what if the other two could help each other? Well, they can and here are a few ways how:

Boosting Cognitive Performance
Although small children can be mentally exhausting, spending time with them can actually boost your 'parent's cognitive performance. A study from the US National Library of Medicine said that postmenopausal women who spend just one day a week taking care of their grandchildren have the highest cognitive performance among their peers.

Increases Knowledge
A close relationship between grandparents and grandchildren can increased knowledge on both sides. Grandparents can teach your children a number of life lessons and pass down cultural history, tell them stories about their lives and the rest of the family and even you as a youngster. But on the other hand, your kids can also teach your parents a lot as they can keep their grandparents up to date on the latest trends and help them with technology - they can be really useful for helping with hearing aids, click here to see more about troubleshooting. 

Lowers Risk Of Alzheimer's
Grandparents who spend time with their grandchildren can also lower their risk of Alzheimer's, and according to report from CBS News, women who look after their grandkids have a lower risk of the disease than other people.

Lowers Risk Of Depression
Many grandparents know that spending time with their grandchildren makes them feel happy, but it can actually be even more beneficial than that. A good relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren - young or adult is good for the psychological health of both your parents and your children. According to CBS News, the closer the bond, the stronger the anti-depressive benefits.

Boosts Energy
Although your children are bound to tire out your parents, the time they spend together can actually make your parents become more active. Kids have so much energy that it can be infectious, your parents will still be exhausted after spending time with them, but 'they'll be guaranteed a good 'night's sleep.
Boosts Social Life
Many older people find themselves feeling lonely, but having grandchildren can keep them feeling socially fulfilled. According to a study from the US National Library of Medicine, being a grandparent "promotes a socially active lifestyle that may be beneficial to cognitive ageing."

Strengthens The Immune System
Children are full of germs, 'they're always catching things, carrying things and eating and touching things they shouldn't. However, this can be a really good thing because spending time with grandchildren can help to boost your 'parent's immune system.

Increases Longevity
Having grandchildren and spending time with them can actually make people live longer and a study which was reported in The Sydney Morning Herald said that grandparents who regularly cared for their grandchildren lived longer than grandparents who 'didn't spend time with their 'kids' children.

Reduces Stress
When your parents spend time with your children, they will no doubt end up smiling and laughing a lot which are incredible forms of stress relief.

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