Ideas For Scrapbooking Projects To Do With Kids

November 05, 2019

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Creative projects can be a lovely thing to do together as a family. Creativity is great for young children for many reasons; it can help them learn to express themselves more effectively, begin to explore art and is great for helping to manage stress to help keep the family happy. Scrapbooking projects are good art ideas to complete with your kids; they can get a bit creative, make some interesting mess and create pages of their own that mark family memories that they will treasure. Here are some ideas for some scrapbooking projects that you can complete with your children. 

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  1. Make lists of their likes. Create pages of their favorite things and decorate them accordingly. You could do different pages for their favourite animals, or a page with a list of their favourite things to do during the Summer. When your kids are a bit older, you can look back on these lists and remember what they liked best at different ages, and see how their tastes have changed as they’ve got older. They might like to look back at these pages too to see what they liked at ages that they don’t have clear memories of being. 
  2. Create a page about a family day out, like a trip to the zoo or a theme park. Include pictures that you took on the day, and ask the kids to draw some pictures of what they saw while you were all out together. Use washi tape or masking tape to mark places for the kids to write about what they remember. The tape creates some effective white space on the page, which makes for striking designs, and you can see what stood out about the trip to them. They could write down their memories of things they saw, something that Dad said that made them laugh or some of their favourite things about the trip. 
  3. Record facts about the family. Give each family member their own page in the scrapbook, with photos of them, and send the kids to find out some random facts about the different family members. They can do this in the form of interviews. This is a fun way to get the kids talking to different people in the family, and you can record some different information about them to look back on later on. You could even make some similar pages about family pets. 
  4. Create a whole scrapbook about a family vacation. There are lots of fun ways to display vacation memories in a scrapbook besides the obvious photos. Save ticket stubs or other keepsakes from the trip to include. Use scrapbook embellishments that make you think of your trip, like tape in the same color as the sea or little decorations in the shape of seashells or different foods you ate. Arrange different pages for the travel itself, the food you ate while you were away, a page about the beach and pages for different trips you made while you were abroad. 
  5. Instead of trying to scrapbook an entire childhood, make a page for each month of their early years. Make a record of any milestones, things they like, their favourite foods and toys, their height and include some pictures. As the kids get older, they can contribute to their monthly pages themselves, and help you decide what to make a record of. You can use these pages to save memories of your children growing up. 
  6. Make use of maps. You could use a map of your hometown to mark your favourite faces to go as a family, or your kids favourite places. Use maps to travel family trips, in your own country or abroad. This can be a good way to start helping kids to learn directions and some basic geography, as well as making pretty scrapbook pages. 
  7. Use a Polaroid camera. Take a Polaroid around with you, or away on family days out and vacations. The instant pictures create interesting, candid snaps of the memories and make an interesting addition to scrapbook pages, along with pictures you’ve had printed out or the children have drawn. These cameras are easy to use, so the kids can take their own pictures to include as well, for a more personal touch that they’ll enjoy getting to create. 
  8. Give the kids old magazines. They can use these to look through and cut out any pictures that catch their eye, and then can use the pictures they’ve saved to create collage style scrapbook pages. Use the pictures to create themed pages, like animals, houses they like, or clothes they think are pretty. 
  9. Encourage the kids to use mixed media. They can use photographs, images cut from magazines, stickers, glitter, ribbon, washi tape or any other embellishment that appeals to them. They can add their own drawings and artwork to the pages too to create pages that are all them. They can write down their thoughts, or write down favourite song lyrics or quotes from a favourite book to make things even more personal.
  10. Choose one important picture to highlight on a scrapbook page. This could be something like a photo of your child holding a new sibling for the first time or a special moment at a family Christmas. Put this picture centrally on the page and decorate around it with any embellishments that your kids think go with the picture. Pages like this are a good way to get them to talk about these memories with you, and for them to commemorate what they think is special about that moment and that picture. 
  11. Create interesting visuals on the page by surrounding a black and white image with colorful page decor, or do the exact opposite and show off a bright image with a page decorated in black and white. You could also show off bright images by decorating the page in the same color scheme that the image is in. Ask the kids to help find things that go with the main colors in the picture to get them involved and thinking about colors. 

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