Buying Second-Hand For A More Sustainable Life'

January 09, 2020

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Buying second-hand items is a great way to make sure that less stuff gets thrown away into a landfill. We live in an increasingly throw-away society, and whenever you buy a new item to replace something that you already own, you are contributing to the effect we are all having on the environment and world around us. 

By selling your old unwanted items, and buying second-hand whenever you need something that you don’t already own, you’ll be making sure that unwanted items are living their lives to the fullest before being disposed of.

Buying A Second-Hand Printer

With many people upgrading their printers often, there is often a lot of very cheap second-hand printers out there. Having a printer in the home is very useful because it means that you can quickly print off any paperwork you ever need to send anywhere. If you need to scan a document, having the right printer handy means that you can do this. 

But one of the main problems with buying a printer is knowing that you can buy the right ink or toner cartridge for it. A website such as will be able to help you out here as you can search by make and model and buy ink for countless different printers.

Buying A Second-Hand Computer

Computers can be a bit more challenging to buy second-hand, but that does not mean that you should not do it. First of all, decide what you need your computer for. Whether you want to just use it at home, or if you will be taking it out and about. A desktop computer can often be found at a reasonable price on a site like If you are only going to be using it for basic work with documents and internet browsing, you don’t need to have all of the best graphics chips and processors that many computers have. And with cloud storage, there may not be the need for a big hard drive on the machine either. 

Make sure that the computer you are buying has a fresh operating system installation. Any drives should be cleared before you buy it, as you don’t want any personal information from the previous owner on there. If at all possible, ask to see the machine running before you buy it.

Buying A Second-Hand Washing Machine

White goods such as washing machines will wear out over time through heavy use. If you need to replace your machine, why not look at buying second-hand? With many people continually upgrading to make sure that their machines have all of the latest features if you just want something a bit more basic, then you could get a washing machine for next to nothing, or even for free on a site like Freecycle

Ask to see the machine in action and make sure that it does not move around when it is being used. As long as there are no signs of too much vibration or movement when it is being used, you may have a bargain.

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