The 3 Nightmares Of The First-Time Veggie Grower

April 02, 2020

You’ve finally decided to embrace the sustainable side of life and grow your own food. Congratulations! It’s an exciting time to start your garden. If like many other families, you are going into lockdown and self-isolation, gardening can be the best thing to do to support your local healthcare community. Indeed, if you can eat the food that comes from your garden, you are less likely to need to make frequent visits to the shops. As a result, at-home gardeners are less likely to become spreaders, and that is a good thing. 

Except that you’ve had that fantastic vision of growing fresh and juicy tomatoes and zucchinis, but you have no idea how to cope with the needs of a garden. What do you actually have to do to make the most of your veggie plot? 

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Gardening is so stressful

You have to prepare the soil before planting. You need to remember to water your veg every day or every other day – depending on the weather. Besides, looking after your precious plants is a lot of work. Oh my God, you say, have I bitten more than I can chew? 

Don’t panic. Yes, gardening means being active and organized in the garden. However, it doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, gardening sits right on top of the list of the most relaxing DIY hobbies. Why so? Because it’s a great way of doing something productive in your spare time.

Additionally, there’s a tremendous sense of reward when you can finally harvest your veggies. Approach the task with an open and curious mind so that you can learn from it. You can also repurpose some of your DIY skills. For instance, if you enjoy woodwork, you can build an organic compost bin. If you love journaling and lettering, why not create signs for your plot? 

What do I do with all my veg?

When you’re used to cooking meat or fish or a meat-free alternative at almost every meal, it can be daunting to cook without a main source of protein. But here are some more vegetarian meal prep ideas that can help you to find peace in the kitchen. You can combine your harvest into a delicious cauliflower taco bowl, for instance. Success guaranteed! Everybody loves taco bowls, and your family will not even notice the absence of meat. Introducing more vegetables into your diet is easy if you’re willing to think creatively. 

I’ve got far too much! 

You only needed one zucchini today. But you’ve picked almost a dozen in the garden. What are you going to do with those? There are only so many storage tips you can use. Ultimately, if you don’t cook your fresh zucchini soon, they’re going to rot. However, you can find ways to preserve them using these ideas. You can blanch your greens and freeze them safely for later use. Additionally, you can also can most vegetables in a glass jar, ready for winter. 

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Growing your veggies for the first time is exciting. There is so much you can do! However, if you don’t want to lose your cool, you need to approach your veg garden with a strategic mind, making the most of the space and the harvest. 

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