Top 6 Must-Haves For Your Baby Nursery

June 08, 2021

 Do you have a newborn on the way? Whether it's your first baby or a second or third, you need to start putting a baby nursery together. This will be your baby's room, and it's also where you should keep a lot of essentials to help you be a good parent. Speaking of which, what do you really need in your nursery? Here are the top things you absolutely must have:

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A crib

Yes, you need to have a suitable baby crib in your nursery. This will be where your baby sleeps every day, and you need to ensure it meets all the right safety standards. Don't put your baby in a bed straight away, they need to stay in a crib until they're bigger. 

A mobile

Mobiles are such a key accessory to have hanging over your crib. Don't underestimate how powerful these things are when it comes to keeping your baby calm and happy. Staring at a mobile above their heads can help ease stress and let your child drift off to sleep. It's a small thing - in the grand scheme of things - but a mobile is definitely essential for your baby nursery. 

A baby changing unit

Naturally, your baby will require constant nappy changes, so you need somewhere to do this. One of the most important pieces of nursery furniture you can buy is a proper baby changing unit. It gives you a comfortable place to handle all of the changing, usually equipped with storage to keep all the vital things - like spare nappies, baby powder, etc.

A dresser

You must have a dresser in this nursery that contains all of your baby's clothes. It should be well-organised as well, meaning you know exactly where everything is. This allows for quick changing throughout the day, and it also helps to keep the room tidier. This way, you don't have loads of baby clothes littered around the room all the time. 

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A baby monitor

You need to make sure your baby is safe at all times, which is why a baby monitor has to be in your nursery. Modern baby monitors come with HD camera feeds so you can see everything as well as hear it. It lets you spot any possible dangers as soon as possible, letting you rush to their aid. You can also get ones that connect to apps on your phone so you can monitor your child from anywhere in the house!

A spare bed

If there's enough room in your nursery, a small spare bed would be a great addition. It's somewhere for you to sleep if your baby has issues during the night. This lets you be closer to your baby while still having somewhere to sleep. Ideally, you use this bed as little as possible. However, it really helps to have one with you in this room, just in case. 

Once you have all of these things in your nursery, you're free to add anything else that you please. The rest of the stuff you add is useful, while the things on this list are absolutely essential. 

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