What To Do If You Think You Might Be Drinking Too Much

November 23, 2021


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Alcohol is everywhere in our culture, which is why it’s so easy to drink more than you probably should. Of course, it is not always easy to know whether you are drinking too much or not, but it is nonetheless nothing that is too difficult to work out either. If you think you might be drinking too much, it’s all about paying attention to your body and your mind to see whether that might be the case. Then you can take appropriate actions as necessary to help improve the situation. Let’s take a look at this whole process in some more detail.

Record Your Drinking

One way to really hone in on how much you are drinking is to record how much you drink whenever you do. For now, don’t worry about altering your behaviour - just start recording how much you are drinking. You might be amazed at how much it really is, which will then hopefully help to inspire you to change your ways. Or at the very least, it will give you a chance to see where you have got to and then you can improve things at some point in the future. Take a note whenever you have a drink, and just see where you’re at for now.

Avoid The Shame Game

Although it can be all too easy to feel shame over your drinking, you need to avoid dwelling on your shame if at all possible. Part of the reason for this is because it only puts you in a negative spin. You feel ashamed one moment, so you are more likely to reach for the bottle the next. Instead, try to learn to accept and love yourself and all your foibles, including your drinking habit. This is a much more likely way of improving the situation, and it’s going to really help things along nicely.

Consider Getting Help

If you think that you might not be able to do it alone, remember that there is always plenty of help you can seek out as and when it might be necessary to do so. In fact, that help comes in many forms, from going to rehab for alcohol to simply speaking to a doctor or a friend for assistance and support. However you get it, make sure that you are not suffering and struggling in silence - there is really no need for that at all, and it only hinders you.

Be Patient With Yourself

Finally, try as hard as you can to really be patient with yourself. This is a most effective way of ensuring that you are not going to worry too much if it takes a while to overcome your drinking. Bear in mind that it takes most people a while to really replace a bad habit with a good one, so don’t beat yourself up about it if you are really struggling in this way. Ultimately, you are going to find that being patient with yourself means you achieve a lot more overall.

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