Benefits of Online Games for Kids

January 17, 2022


Benefits of Online Games for Kids

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There are arguably advantages and disadvantages to letting your children play games online. This is a controversial topic, but there are some suggestions that in moderation, some online games can be beneficial for children in a variety of ways. Whether your children are interested in playing games such as Madalin Stunt Cars 2 for fun, or you encourage them to play math and science games such as Funbrain, there are a plethora of benefits that this article will discuss. 


With most online games, children have the opportunity to play with other people, from all around the world. This can be a great way to learn about other people, how to make friends, how to work as a team and strategize for successful gameplay, as well as learn about different cultures, and maybe even languages! It is a great way for children, especially those who are particularly shy in class, to speak to others in a non-confrontational way, or without any pressure. On the headsets they use, they can interact as much or as little as they prefer. This is an additional benefit, as children who tend to engage less, typically get lonely and isolate themselves, which can negatively impact their mental wellbeing now, and in the future. It also gives children a conversation starter at school, and a purpose to meet like-minded friends. 


Cooperation is a key skill that can be mastered when playing online gaming. Children quite quickly learn that each player has their strengths, talents, and set of skills, that when working together, can be utilized for better gameplay. They learn that each player can play an important role in the game. 


Playing games is often perceived as mind-numbing, however, each game involves a lot of planning. This means that children are typically engaged in creating strategies, learning concepts such as cause and effect, following a team leader, taking the role of team leader, time management, organization, and much more. Overall, these skills acquired through gaming can positively impact childrens visual and motor skills, as well as their attention. Online games are also great for mastering multi-tasking, as games typically have several things going on at once. They can also assist in learning how to properly follow instructions and get involved in friendly competitions, as many games come with missions, quests, or projects to complete alone, or with others.  


Being adequate with technology is vital in today’s day and age. Everything is dictated by technology now, and they are extremely valuable skills to obtain. By playing online games regularly, your children are likely to adapt quickly to technological devices and know how to work them properly. This will help in the classroom, and as they get older and look for jobs, as basic computer literacy skills are quickly becoming essential skills that are required in all industries. 

Each benefit that is learned when playing online games, can quickly and easily be adapted to the real world, helping your children learn valuable skills and promote their social development. It does, however, depend on which games your children play online, and caution should be taken, especially if your children are young. There are plenty of age-appropriate games that children can play, to benefit them. 

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