Supporting Your Sporty Child's Physical Health

February 10, 2022

 Sports are essential for children to develop their physical, social, and emotional health. Studies have shown that kids who play sports regularly are less likely to be overweight or obese than those who do not play sports. Over 50% of high school students participate in sports in the US.

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But for some parents, it's hard to know how to support their child's physical health while also ensuring they don't neglect other important growth areas such as their emotional wellbeing or mental health along with their studies too.

This post looks at how you can support your sporty child's physical health.

Help them eat a balanced diet.

You can support your child's physical health by making sure they're eating a balanced diet. That means giving them the proper nutrients for their age and activity level.

Preparing them balanced meals and having plenty of healthy snacks such as nuts and fruits can be an easy way to help them maintain their energy levels without loading up on sugar or convenience food.

Contact their pediatrician or a registered dietician if you have any questions about what your child should be eating or what foods to feed them.

Make sure they take time to rest.

One way to support your child's physical health is to make sure they take time for rest. It probably seems counterintuitive, but taking a break from sports can help them. 

Sports injuries are common, and not giving the body enough time to heal could lead to long-term issues. Implementing regular "days off" from playing sports can be the best thing to help them avoid injury and burnout.

Seek professional help for health issues or injuries

If your child has any health issues or injuries, it's important to seek professional help. For example, if they have asthma or food allergies, it's best to consult an allergist or family doctor for medical advice. If your child sustains an injury, they need to have it checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible.

For ongoing issues or recovery times, you must follow guidance from their doctors regarding staying healthy to allow them to get back to playing their favorite sports quicker. In some cases, you might need to support recovery with medication, mobility aids, or visiting a Pediatric Chiropractor.

Make sure they get enough sleep.

Sleep is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. It promotes growth and healing and helps regulate hormones that control appetite. It's recommended that kids between 5-12 years old get at least 10 hours of sleep per night.

Where possible, avoid practicing close to bedtimes to allow your child the chance to wind down and get ready for bed. Being overstimulated can interfere with sleep schedules, as can changing bedtime routines frequently, messing up your natural circadian rhythm.

When it comes to supporting your child through their sporting endeavors, it is about more than cheering them on from the sidelines or being their taxi driver. You need to make sure you are supporting their bodies to follow their dreams while remaining happy and healthy.

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