'4 Ways To Keep Our Children Healthy and Energized (Beyond Mere Vegetables!)

March 08, 2022


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It is such a battle we have to endure with our children. Ensuring they eat healthily is incredibly difficult but we know that if they eat the right things it's going to keep them energized. So maybe it's time that we start to rethink the whole idea of “healthy” food? Instead, let's focus on getting our children energized through the right types of ingredients and nutrients. Let's give you some ideas. 

More Fiber

If you are trying to get your children to be healthier but also feel more satisfied after their meals, fiber is one of the greatest weapons you will have. Fiber comes in lentils, legumes, and beans, and if your children like pulses, this 15 bean soup recipe is an amazing dish to use up loads of pulses in a tasty soup that you can store for days. Fiber is an amazing way to keep your children energized and these days with more focus on gut bacteria and gut health, a diet high in fiber can do a lot for our immune systems. 

A Healthy Dollop of Protein

Protein is a great way for us to feel full but for our children that are constantly on the go, they are going to need a healthy amount in order to keep on top of their schoolwork and extracurricular activities. But the great thing about protein is that it comes in so many different forms. For example, if your children like peanut butter, going for a healthier version of peanut butter or simply making your own and putting it into a whole wheat sandwich is an amazing way to give them a big dose of energy. 

Do Not Neglect the Fat

We've all grown up thinking fat is evil. The reality is that it's the trans fats that are the enemy. Fats that come in peanut butter, avocados, and nuts are full of healthy fats that will make a big difference to our children's energy levels, as well as their brain function. So rather than trying to give them low-fat yogurts that have been replaced with artificial sweeteners, go for the full-fat version because it's actually healthier! 

The Power of Milk! 

Milk is something that we know our children should be drinking more of, but milk is an amazing lifesaver for any picky children! Go for the full-fat version so your kids get a bit more energy. It's full of B vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, and it is sometimes considered to be more hydrating than water! It's also an amazing base for smoothies. If your children don't like fruits and you're trying to get them to eat more, it's far better to give them some goodness in a smoothie. But remember, when you blitz up the fruit, it removes the fiber, which is why it's so important to have plenty of pulses and beans in your diet! 

If you are trying to keep your children healthy, but it's becoming a major challenge, don't focus purely on vegetables. There are plenty of other ways that your children can get a variety of vitamins and goodness.

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