How to Prevent Eye Injuries from Happening to You

June 09, 2022

 When it comes to eye injuries, it’s usually a type of injury that is thankfully not so common. Sure, there are some things that you simply cannot prevent such as debris flowing in your eye, a stye infection, or maybe as you get older, something like Cataract Implants may very well be needed. Since some things are honestly more difficult to prevent, it’s important to know that there are things that can very well be prevented. Just like other injury prevention tips, the eyes have plenty as well. So, let’s dive right in on some of the best eye prevention injury tips!

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What are the Most Common Causes of Eye Injury?

Eye injuries are a common and serious problem. Injuries to the eyes can be caused by many things such as chemicals, drugs, radiation, smoke, and even from playing sports. The leading cause of eye injury is chemical exposure. Eye injuries are also caused by physical trauma such as falls or other types of physical trauma around the eyes. 

Some things can be easily avoided such as being around harsh chemicals, but others, such as physical injuries (think something like a car accident or a fall) could be more difficult. While it’s important to increase your overall wellness for the better of your body, just know that some things can be difficult to control.

Basic Tips to Protect Your Eyes

There are many ways to protect your eyes during sports, work, and activities. Some of them are more effective than others. Here's a brief list of some ways to protect your eyes from injuries:

1) Wear sunglasses or goggles

2) Use a visor that blocks the sun during sunny days

3) Do not wear contacts while playing sports

4) Use eye drops before and after play

5) Avoid wearing contacts while sleeping

6) Wear protective eyewear when debris may potentially fly into your eyes

7) Stay open to wearing sunglasses when it’s sunny or very snowy

8) Avoid harsh bright lights, even when it’s blue screens such as phones and computers

While these may only be 8 tips, they can be incredibly helpful for you when it comes to your eye health.

Lifestyle Habits That Trigger Eye Strain and Injuries

Not all eye-related injuries are from chemicals and physical trauma. Sometimes, even lifestyle habits can cause this too. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the top triggers of eye strain. Screen time is not always bad. It can be beneficial for some tasks, especially when using a computer monitor. This includes spending long hours in front of the computer screen and not getting enough sleep at night. Other triggers include reading or using a smartphone or tablet for extended periods of time. While there aren’t any physical injuries, the strain, fatigue, and possible blurred vision can be issues.

The risk of eye injuries can be minimized by following these guidelines:

-Set up your monitor at the right distance from your eyes: 20-23 inches

-Set up your monitor at the right brightness level: 100-130 cd/m2

-Use blue light blocking glasses to reduce the amount of blue light emitted from your screen

-Take breaks every hour to give your eyes a break

In general, you shouldn’t neglect any of this. It’s crucial that you take care of your eyes and keep up with healthy lifestyle habits. 

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