Santa Fe Stuffed Peppers and Roasted Potatoes

11:11 AM

Daniel Fast Day 2

Starting this Daniel Fast has been somewhat challenging but rewarding at the same time. I do not think I have actually cooked or meal planned this much since I have been married {just kidding}!!

I really wanted to make something with the bell peppers that I had lying around that were about to go bad..

 This recipe actually turned out pretty good. I am not a fan of green peppers so I did not eat that one!! You can see a spot were one is missing- my hubby couldn't wait for the photo opp!!

The roasted potatoes were pretty simple, I just used a package of potato topping {I did not check the label to see if this was DF friendly or not} and roasted in the oven for 30 minutes. 


4 large bell peppers,  de-seeded
½ onion, diced
1 -15 oz. can of  beans
1 -1 bag frozen corn
1- 15 oz. can of diced tomatoes
10 oz. brown rice/ 4 servings per package instructions
1 package Taco Seasoning


1- Place your peppers upright on a baking sheet. Drizzle some olive oil over them and place them in a preheated oven at 350 degrees. Let them bake for 20-25 minutes or until they are blistering.

2-While the peppers are baking, in a large skillet, sauté the diced onions in olive oil until tender.

3- In the meantime, cook brown rice according to instructions.

4- In the large skillet, combine the cooked brown rice, rinsed beans, corn, tomatoes and taco seasoning and cook for 5 minutes or until heated through.

5- Once your peppers are done baking scoop the filling inside the peppers

You will have extra filling, you can use this to make burritos on whole wheat tortillas for lunch!!


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