The Daniel Plan: Book Review

January 10, 2015

*Wonderfully Messy Mom received this book in exchange for a review

I really enjoyed this book tremendously. 

Our church decided to go on a corporate Daniel Fast, as I have previously shared with you, after I ordered this book for review. After seeing which book I ordered, I was a bit hesitant because this was not what I thought it was. But I am pleased that I received this book!!

This book does not just address the fast itself, but incorporates a total life change!! 

It deals with the heart of the matter, real change. Not just will power, but God power!! Many times the author talks about sheer will power {on our own} will not produce the change we need and desire. We have to have God power, pulling, pushing and gently nudging us to make lasting changes that we cannot as human beings produce on our own. 

The author, Rick Warren, addresses 5 essentials to making this a lifestyle that will stick; these are broke down into chapters.  

1- Faith
2- Food 
3- Fitness
4-  Focus
5- Friends

In each chapter he talks about what each essential component means, how to apply it and why it is essential. 

I will say, this book really addresses the "Spiritual" side quiet a bit, and not just the "body" aspect of it. It was so "ON TIME" for what I have been dealing with in my personal spiritual life. 

If anyone is looking to make healthier choices, honor God with their bodies and make some lasting changes that will prolong the life God intended for you, this book is one you should read and cherish!!

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