Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub

By ~Brandy~ - 10:12 AM

I recently posted a Homemade Mary Kay hand softener recipe.

Here is the second step to the "Satin Hands" regimen; the scrub.

While my recipes are NOT Mary Kay endorsed, I do know they are a ton cheaper...and natural ;-)

And they will work just a good.

This simple vanilla sugar scrub is perfect for polishing up those rough cracked hands...and feet, and elbows. Whatever needs a good scrub.

It's also great for gift giving for that special friend who you know could use some extra TLC but won't take the time out to visit a spa. She can pamper herself right in her own home!! 

Awww, your such an awesome friend!!

Here is what you need to do:

Mix 1 cup brown sugar with 1/3 cup sweet almond oil (can substitute with olive oil or coconut oil).
Then add 1 tsp. real vanilla extract. Do not use the fake vanilla imitation stuff...use the real deal.

After it's all mixed together scoop this into a pretty glass jar, label it, make it pretty and give it away!

Or you could be stingy {like me} and keep it for yourself!! 

But with such a cute label like that, who wouldn't want it as a gift??

Now, how to use:
After using the first step (Homemade Mary Kay hand softener) scrub a small amount into either dry or slightly damp hands. Rinse with warm water taking care to remove all the sugar.
Moisturize after use. 



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  1. Totally making this and keeping it for myself Brandy!!

  2. Love this!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love DIY sugar scrubs. I've never thought to put vanilla in one though. I'll have to try the next time I make some.

  4. Interesting, I never thought to try this. My knees and heels get very dry in winter and no cream seems to be able to do the job.

  5. I bet it smells yummy and I will have to make some now.

  6. This looks awesome!! I am going to make this soon :)

  7. We gave sugar scrubs as Christmas presents last year. I love brown sugar even more.

  8. This sounds amazing! I was recently introduced to a homed coffee facial scrub and love it...this definitely sounds like a Must Try!