Aposon 9076-Brown Leather Watch

July 14, 2016

Who is ready for a giveaway? I have a great one for you!

The roman numerals give it an old world charm that I personally adore.

When I was growing up I had a roman numeral clock that I loved to practice learning the time. I wish I had it now, but at the ripe old age of 10 I hated the way it looked. Now I think back on it and I would love to have it in my home now. It's amazing how our tastes change with age ;-)

This watch has a genuine leather band so it won't wear out as fast. It feels really nice on the wrist and looks great!!

It displays the date so the ever bothersome hubby can stop asking you, "Honey, whats today's date??"
Or am I the only one who hears that?

Anyway, my husband is a carpenter and will not wear a watch. If this thing was made out of real gold and worth a million dollars, he still would not wear it....so...I am GIVING IT AWAY!!

If you have a man in your life who would love to have this- well, enter to win it!!

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**I received this product deeply discounted in exchange for my review. 


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