Chocolate Kiss Lip Balm

November 04, 2012

This is my #1 seller and biggest hit with my family. I run out of this before any other lip balm and have a hard time keeping up with the demand of my husband and his construction work buddies. They all love it! Those tough men asking for it all the time must mean something!!

Ok, so the ingredients you will need are:

1 capsule Vitamin E
1 piece Dove milk chocolate~the individually wrapped pieces
1/2 teaspoon coconut oil or cocoa butter
1-1/2 teaspoon cocoa powder
enough beeswax to make the consistency you enjoy best {the more you use the harder it is}

-I test the consistency by placing one small drop onto a plate and blow on it to cool it, then rub my finger on it to see how hard it is. If it is to hard add more oil, if to soft add more beeswax.
-add more beeswax before the whole batch solidifies, but you may need to microwave again a few more seconds.

In a microwave safe bowl add beeswax and coconut oil/cocoa butter {heat slowly, 30 sec to one minute, stirring in between}
Once this is melted add your chocolate and rest of the ingredients. If needed microwave slowly again to melt chocolate piece. Let sit and cool a few minutes then add to container. Let solidify before covering.

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